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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: Green beans - Melb pick up only

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: Green beans - Melb pick up only

    Hey all,

    Work is unfortunately getting in the way of me home roasting coffee and I've had to give it up.....

    As such, I've decided to offload my green beans (all from CoffeeSnobs). As you can see from the photos there is a whole range of different beans, including some crackers like the Yemen and Jamaica. Some bags are less than 1kg, others are more than 2kg and I estimate that there is at least 12-13kg of coffee there. I've folded the bags to give you an idea of how much of each there is of each. The oldest bag from memory would probably be the El Salvador at about 2 years.

    Looking for $150 (given the Yemen and Jamaica) but am not overly fussed - just trying to recoup some of it!

    Hoping to get back to roasting at some point :-)

    Ps - the list of beans are:
    Ethiopia Oromia Coop Limu
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Special Prep
    Mexico el Triunfo Arabigo
    Tanzania Machare Estate
    Guatemala Huehuetenango
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dilia Zuria
    Costa Rica Tres Rios Sundried
    Rwanda Nyungwe
    Yemen Mocha Ismaili
    Jamaica Blue Mountain
    Sumatran Mandheling Jade
    El Salvador Aida Batlle SHG
    Ethiopia Sidamo Guji
    Burundi Tangara
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    I can see that there's been 150+ views on this advertisement even before I clicked on it!

    I've got to be in it to win it - PM Sent!


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      Pm sent ill join the Q


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        What a great stash! Pity you're not in Perth.



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          Hi guys, all sold to a good home - mods please mark as sold!