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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Dead Sunbeam EM6910 or Gaggia Classic,Wanted.

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Dead Sunbeam EM6910 or Gaggia Classic,Wanted.

    Dear Coffee lovers,
    I'm back in a position that requires parts etc from either of these machines (Sunbeam-EM6910/gaggia-Classic).
    I can offer payment of postage/packaging expenses,so probably $40-$50 each.
    Our local and nearby recycling centres have been cleared out of their stocks by yours truly!
    As expected I would prefer machines complete with all the standard equipment and accessories etc.
    Please rack your collective brains and find me some,most appreciated and in anticipation!

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    Hi Mick, where abouts are you located? I have an EM, working well, except the steam has gone weak. Looking to move it on, as I am happy with my Breville machine, so not interested in spending $$ to fix the Sunbeam. I'd want a little more than $50 for it, but maybe if you are local to Melbourne town, we could arrange to meet up?

    Let me know, Kiz


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      Dear KizZ84,
      Thank you for your reply,no,I'm not local to Melbourne however,I have a sister (Preston) and little brother in fairfield.
      Are either of those places near by?
      Sadly my best going price would be as mentioned above ($40-$50),I realise this may seem a low offer considering what you may have paid or believe it's valued at!
      I'm not in a particular hurry and sooner or later our local recycle shops will have some available for $5.00 -$15.00 although generally accessaries aren't included as your offer is included.
      I'm an honest person and therefore if the buzzing is just a solenoid coil gone whacky or similar,I'd fix it and get it back to you,some way or other.
      Give it some thought.


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        I have a Sunbeam 6910 with accessories. Located in Doreen (20 minutes north of Preston). Still in working order but does leak around the group head if coffee is ground too fine. Also have a sunbeam grinder. Nolonger being used after upgrading to a VBM Junior and Compak K3. Let me know if you are interested.


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          Hi Mick.

          I changed my linked account username. Can you resend the privste message for 6910 and grinder.