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!!!SOURCED!!! - WTB Double portafilter for an Isomac Mondiale... something a little..

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  • !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB Double portafilter for an Isomac Mondiale... something a little..

    Open to advice on this one... I've never given much thought to handles previously.

    New (as new) machine is without a double portafilter.

    I feel a bog standard E61 bakelite/rubber handle is likely to look a little out-of-place against the entirely silver appearance of the Mondiale (no black knobs, lever handles). Something steely? or White to match the bench? Oaky to match the wooden floor?

    I'm not sure but it may not be still possible to get the original all-steel Isomac handles?

    Have also sought a quote from sponsors.

    Budget $100

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    Hi WR,

    I had two Mondiales when I started with serious coffee. Both came with the 'bog-standard'.

    I asked about the original ss pf handles but was told there was too much of an issue with heat transfer and sinking

    so they became a little too hot to handle and were discontinued. When I bought mine they were not imported with ss handles.

    Might be a tough ask to find one but you never know. The black was fine for me...... gave a little contrast, tho' nowadays

    wood seems to be the new black , so to speak. You could get a steel one turned for you by a metal fabricator

    if you're really set on the stainless look, but probably wouldn't be cheap, I'm sure. Talk to Coffee Machinist about that, maybe?

    Good luck with your query.


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      This ECM could become my favourite piece of fine German precision.
      Is it 100% compatible with an Isomac group head? I should think it is, but I better have the forum confirm, please...
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        Wow entirely new without a portafilter?! That's nuts. I guess makes sense given chokkidog's comment.

        The ECM portafilters feel so good in the hand, good weight balance, and the angle of the portafilter handle is great. I'd recommend going one
        I would sell you my single to swap the spouts out - but it'd push past your budget that way, and now I'm having thoughts of doing that myself.... you can pick one up new for $110 from Jetblack but you'd be paying postage from Syd.

        Apparently Medhurst Equipment in North Hobart sell the Technika, so maybe they'd have/be able to get in the portafilters, save you postage? (Their website doesn't seem to want to load for me... so I can only go on hearsay wrt them stocking ECMs)


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          Bang... on... the... money... there readeral. I was in there today!

          My new machine is 'as new'. Looking forward to finding out why the seller received a single pf but no double.


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            Ah ok, as new makes a little more sense - but still the fact that whatever it came with wasn't passed on is really unusual.


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              Oh and re your Isomac - this review of the ECM casa includes a little note about the portafilters (and in particular the naked) and says it will fit Isomac
              An intimate look at ECM Casa IV | Cafetoria roastery: passion for flavour (kahvipaahtimo, erikoiskahvia, espresso) Just another piece of data for you to weigh up.


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                handle sourced, thanks