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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: [ACT] 2011 Olympia Cremina plus goodies

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: [ACT] 2011 Olympia Cremina plus goodies


    In November 2011 I purchased this gorgeous Olympia Cremina new from Pedro at Coffeeparts and thought "Ah, my upgraditis is cured".

    What a fool I was - not for purchasing this timeless classic, but for thinking upgraditis could ever be cured.

    So, after being my daily machine for about 12 months, I then purchased a Quickmill Achille, which then became my daily machine. (but that hasn't cured upgraditis either...more on that later)

    Since then this beautiful object has been little more than a wallflower, but rather than wilting, it remains as new as the day it arrived.

    So here is your chance to purchase a true legendary lever at a pre-dollar devaluation price!

    Being the 'update' model, it has some useful extras like the pressure gauge and most usefully the anti-vac-valve cap, which means no bleeding off false pressure in the morning.

    You can find discussion threads about the Cremina here on Coffeesnobs, which is where I did my research of course before purchasing it. It is NOT a machine designed to pump out espresso after espresso. It will make two or three and then you will need to let the group cool down. I've put a temperature strip on it to help with this. It can steam milk very well, but you need to 'surf' the pressurestat (i.e. make sure the boiler is on to keep the pressure up).

    It's tiny too, and will happily travel.

    The goodies that will come with it are (see photos)

    A bottomless portafilter handmade by Richard Penney and purchased from Orphanespresso - no longer available and very exxy

    A HG-One portafilter holder

    Orphanespresso dosing funnel

    A Pullman Deluxe tamper with Jarrah handle (sized to the original double basket)

    All original accessories and manuals, including the portafilter and single and double baskets. I've been using a double basket from a Micro Casa a Leva which just held a bit more (it's in the bottomless pf in the photos)

    Brand new now the machines alone are now over $5k. The accessories would be at least another $1k

    This machine is effectively brand new. They are built to last forever (it weighs a ton!) and will give you years of pleasure. It takes a while to get the best out of it, but once you've mastered it, you will love it.

    I'm asking $3500 for the lot.

    I'm in Canberra and DON'T have the original packaging. I would prefer for it to be picked up, and might meet a Sydneysider halfway (say Marulan) if they're keen.

    If it's not sold by 12 October locally I will be taking it to Melbourne to Chris at Talk Coffee, where it can be shipped at buyer's expense to their location. Chris will be able to ensure that it is properly boxed for any journey.

    Any questions? Post or send me a PM. Canberrans welcome to visit and have a play.


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    More photos

    Here are some more photos of this machine. I should add the only blemish on it is the 'n' in Cremina didn't quite print out properly on the stainless steel (see photo). A rare example of Swiss error!
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      Ok Sniff.....fess up...where has upgraditis led you?

      Good luck with the sale. I can thoroughly recommend this machine.


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        Originally posted by Paolo View Post
        Ok Sniff.....fess up...where has upgraditis led you?

        ...may have been to us. My lips are sealed


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          Yes I will continue my love of the lever...


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            I also realised I have a Londinium Cremina tamper with Wenge handle and brass base that I'll include too.

            To make this more tempting: you can have all of this for $2500.00

            Another important point: this machine has only ever had filtered water through it (an undersink 3M system that I got from Bombora)

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              Hi Sniff.

              I just looked at the price of a new Cremina at Coffee parts. They are $5290 new, which makes your Cremina (the same model) a bargain for anyone wanting one.

              These machines are functional works of art that will be making exceptional espresso decades from now.


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                Too tempting. Email sent.


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                  Yeh, I think I'd get in big trouble if I introduced something orange into our kitchen in place of the Reale.........oh well.


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                    Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                    Too tempting. Email sent.
                    Now THAT'S the spirit!


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                      And sold! Other snobbers - feel free to kick yourself for not grabbing this bargain!!

                      But I will be listing my Quickmill Achille shortly so don't despair.