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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - FS AGAIN: VBM Domobar 2B + Mazzer Mini E

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - FS AGAIN: VBM Domobar 2B + Mazzer Mini E

    I'm re-posting my ad of a couple of months ago with apologies to those who may have previously PM'd me about it. I have not been receiving notifications of private messages and because I rarely log on to the site I missed them all before my ad got closed. In fairness to everyone who expressed interest I'm reposting it.

    Selling my VBM Domobar Super Double Boiler and Mazzer Mini E Grinder. Both purchased new by me in Malaysia in April 2013 and both in very good condition. I'mback in Perth and have another machine and grinder, so these are surplus to my requirements. The power plug on the VBM has been changed and I used it for a few weeks at home while I had my Duetto 2 serviced - all works fine. I will change the plug on the Mazzer. Both in original packaging with all original accessories, including mains water connection parts. The VBM has some light scratching on the cup tray, nothing bad, but is unmarked otherwise.

    Now $3250 for both. Due to the weight this is probably limited to pick up in Perth, although if you want to arrange your own transport then fine by me.

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    Hey Morgz, i was interested mate, but only in the Machine? If your interested PM me a price for just the VBM.

    Cheers mate.


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      Hey, I'm interested in the grinder. Would you be able to pm me the price, please.


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        Interested In the grinder, Im in Perth
        Price please and when I can view


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          Hey is this still for sale? if so can you PM me the price please, preff just the machine


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            Hi Morgz,
            Interested in the grinder, can you please PM price to me and any pictures you have as well?



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              Did you manage to sell this one yet Geoff?


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                Not yet Nathan. Quite a bit of interest in the grinder only but I'm not giving it away


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                  A few people have asked me for pictures, so here's one. Accessories not included of course
                  Attached Files


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                    Is this still available?


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                      Originally posted by teahsrn View Post
                      Is this still available?
                      Yes it is.


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                        Couple of questions.

                        Has this machine been serviced ever, if so when and by whom?

                        Do you use filtered water in the machine / have you always?

                        How many shots is the mazzer showing?



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                          Ohh and is the mazzer type a or b?

                          edit: - just looked at the pic and can see it's type a.
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