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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: ECM/Rocket Giotto and Macap M4D grinder

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: ECM/Rocket Giotto and Macap M4D grinder

    These were purchased together from Talk Coffee in May 2008. Both in excellent condition and have been a much loved part of my espresso journey over the past 7 ½ years. I’d had a couple of lower quality machines before but never owned a grinder. This was a fantastic set up to start producing great coffee at home in an easy to use package.

    I would estimate average use at about 400g of beans and 20 shots a week. So over 7 ½ years that would be somewhere around 150kg through the grinder and 7,500 shots on the Giotto.
    I only drink espressos and my wife used to occasionally have milk but gave that up about 4 years ago. So the Giotto has had very little milk steaming use.

    Ideally I’d like to sell them together. Pick up from North Melbourne, but I do have the original box for the Giotto and can box up the M4D so buyer could arrange collection and shipping if desired.

    Price for the two together is $2000.

    ECM/Rocket Giotto
    Purchased May 2008 with the Talk Coffee thermostability upgrade to improve this aspect of performance. It was last serviced in October 2012 when the control board was replaced and it was rewired to 2010 specs. Also at this service the shower screen, seals, inline particulate filter, anti-vac valve and safety valve were replaced. Since that time I’ve replaced the group seal and descaled.

    It has only ever been used with filtered water from an under sink Bombora cartridge filter system. I’ve descaled it twice in 7 ½ years but neither time was there evidence that it really needed it. At the 2012 service Chris had a look at the mushroom and concluded there was no evidence a descale was needed.

    Included are the user manual and original peripherals including single and double spout portafilters, single, double and blind baskets.

    In addition I’m including a second double spout portafilter which is deeper and holds a triple basket (also included) which were purchased from Coffeesnobs and are what I have mainly used.

    There are a few minor marks (mostly on the cup warming area) as you would expect after 7 ½ years. The only issue to report is the needle on the pressure gauge sticks when the machine is turned off, but tapping the gauge releases it once the pressure has dropped. I haven’t found this an issue at all.

    Macap M4D
    As often discussed on this forum it is a fantastic home use grinder. Small footprint, low height, very clean with minimal mess when dosing. I have found it very easy to program, adjust and use with accurate timed doses.

    My technique has been so set the double dose button to half of what I want (say 10.5g) and dose once, tap to collapse, dose again to get the full desired amount before distributing and tamping.

    There is a little wear on the forks that the portafilter rests on but otherwise excellent condition. Original user manual included.
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    Hi moby , I've sent you a pm regarding your grinder . Thanks


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      Update: I’ve had a number of enquiries, particularly about selling the grinder separately.

      Whilst my preference is to give someone the chance to purchase the machine and grinder together as it is a great combo, if that isn’t going to work out then I will separate them.

      So if anyone is interested in the combo please PM me in the next day or so. After that I’ll make a decision about offering them separately to those that have expressed interest (in the order that they contacted me).



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        I've sent a PM to the first person in the queue to have enquired about the grinder.


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          Why does all the good stuff come up for sale this time of year


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            I'm working my way through attempting to contact people that have expressed interest in the grinder to finalise a sale.

            The Giotto is now available separately as well. Price is $1400.
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              I've sent you a pm moby.


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                Both sold.

                Happy to report that the Giotto and M4D have a new home together.

                Thanks to everyone who inquired.