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!!!SOLD!!! - FS - Vibiemme Domobar Super HX - Melb

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS - Vibiemme Domobar Super HX - Melb

    Hi all,

    Up for sale is a Vibiemme Domobar Super Lever HX. Bought it to try the legendary E61 grouphead, but still prefer my commercial lever in terms of operation (more satisfaction when pulling the large lever). Do note this is the VBM Super HX with an older body style, but much the same functionally as the current version, except for the following:

    i) Single pressure gauge rather than two (with boiler pressure gauge only)
    ii) Similar body style to current VBM Picollo Junior (which means it is shorter in height but a moot point IMO)
    iii) Jaeger Pressurestat rather than Parker Pressurestat
    iv) Nickel-plated copper (is my guess) boiler rather than copper-colored boiler – the boiler water is the cleanest tasting I’ve ever sampled from most machines

    Maintenance/checking done (just this month by myself - took quite a fair bit of hourss):
    i) Boiler pressurestat set to 0.8-1.0bar – good balance for steaming milk and brewing
    ii) Brew pressure adjusted down to 10.5 bar static (~9bar in actual brew)
    iii) General cleaning & inspection (a truly low mileage machine - indicated by almost none/minimal sign of limescale and all gaskets are still as new)
    iv) Upgraded shower screen with EPN precision shower screen
    v) Checked and lubed the E61 group lever mechanism
    vi) Inspected and cleaned autofill probe (clean as whistle)
    vii) Inspected and cleaned vacuum valve

    i) Original Faema/VBM E61 group - its grouphead is beefier than other E61s (or so that's what I read anyway :P ) But it is notably easier to maintain/disassembled by allen keys rather than a big wrench.
    ii) Large 2.7L boiler ensure stable brew thermostability and ample dry steam - boiler weight is supported by a bracket rather than being suspended by pipes, which is normally the case.
    ii) Full stainless steel chasis, body, and frame - no black/enamel painted steel (as most machines and the older ECM Giotto) that can rust after a few years!
    iii) 1800 watt heater – great recovery and steam performance
    iv) Reliable quiet Jaeger pressurestat
    v) Large easy-remove Drip Tray
    vi) Vibe pump with internal reservoir and softener (1.7L)
    vii) Easy-access to pressurestat adjustment - just by lifting the cup tray
    viii) Access to OPV just by removing the side panel (remove 5 philip screws)
    vi) Multi-directional stainless steel steam/hot water wand - 4 hole tips
    vii) Two switches – allowing heating element to be switched off while filling the boiler
    viii) Autofill and low water cut to protect the boiler

    As mentioned, the machine has had very low use and pretty much in mint condition. All the information above was verified by me to be true (not copy & paste), as there was not much information regarding this version. All in all, this is a very high quality and well built machine (notably by the heavy chasis, beefy E61 group and full stainless steel built). The only shortcoming I see is filling the tank isn't the most convenient - you have to lift up the cup tray and the reservoir is fairly small. But can be easily retrofitted with a larger tank if needed - plenty of space there.

    Asking for only $1300, priced for quick sale before I'm away oversea for a month next Wednesday. But I'm contactable throughout the period for support shall you need anything. As mentioned the machine is in excellent nick and I don't foresee anything needing maintenance for quite a while, but shall anything happens I'm happy to back it up.

    This shall make any CS-er a happy gift for early christmas.

    Item located and to be picked up from Fitzroy, Melbourne, before the coming Tuesday. Any question just shoot away!

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    More pics

    More pics. Included are the single and double portafilter with stock single and double baskets.
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      G'day Sam...

      There's a lot to like with these earlier model VBMs in my opinion. Yours looks to be in excellent condition and a gift at the price you're asking....
      All the best with the sale...



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        Thanks Mal!

        It's true, I get to appreciate how well built this machine is when going under her 'hood' You can certainly see they don't cut corner with this even on the internal. I was taken by surprise when I first took off the side panel - there's probably at least 2-3kg of pure metal weight right there, almost fell right through my arm due to the weight!


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          Sold and picked up, thank you. Hope the new owner will enjoy the machine!