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!!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS - HG-one 2014 [Melb]

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  • !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS - HG-one 2014 [Melb]

    Hi all,

    Up for grab is a HG-one 2014 I purchased from another CS-er( a month ago. Tried it and it's great in its own way, but don't think it's the ultimate grinder for me.

    Low retention and easy dial in. Signature big conical burrs flavor profile. The only thing that I wasn't quite ready to accept was you need to do RDT to reduce static and WDT to redistribute the grind. Otherwise, when used that way it's a fantastic grinder. Not a chore(probably take extra 10 sec) but not for everyone(me).

    Some details:
    83mm Mazzer burrs
    Stepped but the steps are so small that it's an advantage to allow switching coffee. You would have to move 2 notches or more to observe noticable flow change.
    Comes with anti-static wiper & blind tumbler, with original box and bits

    Note the grinder is the 2014 model but was purchased new in early 2015. Very low use - probably 40-50kg(?) by Luke and 2-3kg max by me. Probably is still in the 'breaking-in' phase.

    Asking for $1,200 firm. Pick up from Fitzroy, Melb.
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    This is a great buy for someone who is after a fabulous large conical grinder.

    I use my 2014 HG-1 every day. It is a beauty!

    Good luck with the sale, Sam.


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      Thanks Paolo! It's a beauty and works great definitely! Beautiful consistent pour if you follow the ritual, very zen process indeed. It is perfect for those who grinds 2-4 shots at a day and wants the best in the cup. For myself, I sometimes do a bit more than that (for testing & learning process especially) and find myself leaning fowards a 'faster' grinder. But no perfect candidate that I've found at the moment. The HG-one is close to being perfect, only fall short during the moment when I need the extra throughput.

      There're many happy users that swore by their HG-one, that means they must have done something right. But like any other products on the market, there's no one-size-fit-all.


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        Hi, Excuse my ignorance as a Newbie...but what does RDT and WDT mean �� ?
        I am just a coffeedreamer and HG 1 is certainly up there but alas ...not time yet.


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          RDT is adding a couple drops of water into the coffee beans before grinding. Reduces static by 99%

          Ross Droplet Technique-Eliminating Grinder Static -

          WDT is stirring the coffee with chopstick/wire/whisk etc to mix the coffee ground, to ensure uniform beading when using a bottomless portafilter.

          Have a look at this video, that's the general workflow for HG one


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            Thank you so much for the reply,so much to learn and I am grateful that the CS's are so very generous with their help and advice, I will look it up ...I don't want to hijack this thread as you have hardware to sell.


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              Not a problem I think if you start a new thread most will be happy to chime in too.


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                I'm currently away from home and the grinder for 3 weeks. Thus the sale will be on hold.

                To mod: You can withdraw this from sale if that's okay.