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!!!SOLD!!! - Expobar Minore III and EOI for Robur

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Expobar Minore III and EOI for Robur

    Hi fellow CSers,

    I have succumbed to upgraditis and pulled the trigger on a La Marzocco GS3. Sad to say this, but my trusty Minore will have to make room for the new machine.

    Up for sale is my Expobar Minore III that I bought from Talk coffee late 2009 and has been running perfectly ever since. There were about 2 years where the machine was switched on only on weekends because I work full time as a barista.

    The machine is still pulling out shots that are incredible and it actually tasted better than the GS3 before it was calibrated and serviced!

    You can brew and froth milk at the same time because it is a dual boiler machine. Advantages is also that you do not have to second guess what the temperature of the brew boiler is. Reduces the variance when diagnosing shots.

    I really hope my Minore goes to a good home and to a good owner who will take good care of it... Oh, I have not peeled off the sticker that protects the stainless steel body on some parts of the machine. The sticker has been there since I took out the machine from the box! Also, I added some sound dampening panels to absorb some of the vibration so it runs a lot quieter.

    Expobar Minore III
    - E61 grouphead made off a solid chunk of brass and chrome plated.
    - PID controlled. Super accurate temperature control.
    - Insulated dual 1.5 Litre boiler powered by twin 2050 watt heating elements.
    - Pure copper boilers.
    - Brew pressure can be easily adjusted via accessible OPV (just pull out the drip tray).
    - Massive drip tray!
    - Water tank is 2.75L .
    - Non burn steam wands, you can move it with your bare hands.
    - Vibration pump.
    - 10 amps power.
    - Net weight of 26kgs (HEAVY).
    - Dimensions: 240 x 420 x 225 mm.
    - Made in Spain.
    - Easy to get parts from supplier, all parts standard(Disave).
    - Unblemished bodywork, still protected by factory applied sticker on the sides.

    Comes with:
    - Original twin spout portafilters.
    - 2 baskets.
    - Some backflushing chemicals.
    - La Marzocco tamper if buyers wants it.
    - 4 hole steam tip that came standard with the machine.
    - 1 hole steam tip that makes perfectly silky milk. Crazy silky.
    - A spare set of shower screen and gasket.

    Asking price for Expobar Minore III = $1700

    This is a repost. I did not reply my PMs previously because I did not set it to receive any notification. By the time I realised, the buyers were not buying.

    Thank you for your time!

    Click image for larger version

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    I also have an Mazzer Robur Manual that I want to sell, I am thinking of upgrading to a Mythos grinder so I am willing to part with it for a good offer. Anything above $1500 would be considered

    Some extra photos for the machines.
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      Wish I was in the market. Worth doing an update of your location to save the gazillion future questions.
      Good luck with the sale.


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        Thanks Shannon!

        I am located in the Eastern Suburbs, Victoria. I can also deliver if its reasonably close. You can come for a demo and I can then deliver the machine once it cools down.



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          Sound dampening panels is a nice touch. What did you use and where are the panels located?


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            I used a dynamat type of material on the internal wall of the outer panel. I also used some in the metal guard near where the pump is to deaden the sound. A small trip between the drip tray mesh and the drip tray to prevent the vibration chattering. It is incredible heat stable and it really reduces the vibration noise by a lot.


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              Hey, Jerome.

              I'm wondering why you're selling the Mazzer and how old it is?



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                Hi Mondoh,

                I am thinking of selling but its my main grinder so unless I get a good offer I will not sell it.

                I want to buy a Mythos grinder.

                The grinder is around 7-8 years old. Since the last burr change, the grinder has done at most 50-70kg which is nothing because cafes go through that in less than a month.


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                  Jerome, please keep in mind that as stated in our Site Posting Policy this is not an auction site. Ads are meant to have the price you are willing to sell your item for posted in them, not a price that is a starting point for bidding. If you are not willing to accept $1,500 for your grinder then please post the price you are willing to accept for it.

                  Java "Good luck with your sale!" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    Opps Sorry Javaphile.

                    I will sell the grinder for $1600. Sorry for the confusion guys!


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                      Minore still for sale?


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                        Yup! Thanks for asking!


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                          PM sent ....


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                            PM sent ...


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                              is this machine still for sale? PM sent...