I am offering the above for sale. It is 30 months old. I has produced between 2 and 4 shots per day. It is unmarked and in as-new condition.

It will be packaged in its original box. The original tamper and tamping rack, which I have not used, will be included. In other words, you will be unpacking a grinder which is identical to a new one.

I have checked postal rates. It just, and I mean just, comes in under the upper limit for the Australia Post courier.

Costs from Albany which is where it is situated would be as follows:

Perth: approximately $35.00
North West W.A.: Approximately 50.00
Sydney: approximately $130.00
Melbourne: approximately 110.00
Brisbane: approximately $130.00
Adelaide: approximately $110.00
Tasmania: approximately 135.00.

New price for the exact equivalent is $2350.00

I am offering this grinder in top condition for $1850.00. Reasonable offers will be considered.

I have uploaded what I hope are representative photos.

Thank you for reading all this.


Best to communicate with me by email at: neil.cock@westnet.com.au
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