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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Project - La Cimbali Junior (Perth)

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Project - La Cimbali Junior (Perth)

    I have taken a job overseas, so I am having to clear out bits and pieces that I don't want to put into storage.

    I have had this a little while, as a project to complete, but I kept getting distracted. So time for someone else to have a crack.

    I was working 2 years ago, but now the element is tripping out the power when it heats up. So I have to sell it as a non-working machine.

    other than that it is complete with minimal rust. Only really has some surface rust on the frame. At the time, I had intended on just doing a boiler clear and a quick touchup of the frame, then a polish. But I'm guessing you will be up for a new element.

    I would prefer a pickup from perth, but I do have the box it came in, that I can use to ship it in. So if you are happy to organise a courier I can box it up and drain the boiler to save a bit of weight. But it is probably still going to be around the 40-45kg mark. Pickup would be 6157, Dimensions would be roughly 600x600x600 and say 45kgs as a max.

    Comes with everything in the pictures (trays and the two PFs).

    price $500
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    a couple more pics
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