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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - FS - Espresso Forge V1 - Melbourne

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - FS - Espresso Forge V1 - Melbourne

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of moving on to a new toy so will have to move some stuff. So here I'm putting my EspressoForge for sale (hopefully I don't regret later).

    This is a fully stainless steel (grade 304) portable espresso maker, utilizing an E61 shower screen and 58mm basket. Functionally, it is almost like an Aeropress (see Youtube video below), but one on steroid and can easily generate 11 bar with your bare hands! If you ever wish that your Aeropress is made of metal (not plastic) and that it actually makes real espresso, then the Forge is the Aeropress dream comes true!

    Here's the official video on how it works :

    Some quick features:

    i) Makes real espresso anywhere - as long as you have hot water supply
    ii) Heirloom quality - Virtually indestructable due to the tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel
    iii) Low/minimal maintenance - very few parts and very cheap to replace (as mentioned - E61 gasket and 2x O-rings for pressure generation)
    iv) E61 accessories - means that you can use your VST, IMS baskets and fitted tamper on it. I've been using my VST and it works great!

    The only limitation in my opinion is this is a more involved process than using a full-on espresso machine. However, it does make genuine espresso and is heads above most entry level/portable espresso machines (I've compared it to a PID Silvia and the shot quality is astonishingly better & more consistent - no joke!).

    Also, due to the fixed piston design, the shot volume is fixed (30g shot on one full stroke). So if you love making big shots or lungos, this may not be for you. If you're a syrupy ristretto/normale drinker, this is perfect.

    Another thing worth mentioning is this is the V1 version. The major difference is the length as V2 allows pulling a longer shot volume (40-50g) as compared to (~30g or 40-45ml) on the V1. Due to that, V2 is physically more lengthy than the V1. Other than that, I personally like V1 better since it's more compact and has better aesthetic (in my view anyway). Here's a head-to-head comparison of V1 vs V2 on Home Barista forum.

    EspressoForge - First Impressions - Page 16 -

    If you're into details, I've done a comprehensive review on it, and all the information is up to date.

    EspressoForge (V1) - Review -

    EspressoForge V1 x1 unit
    Stainless steel pressure gauge & elbow fitting x 1 unit
    Spare O-rings x 5 pairs (in addition to the original O-rings)
    Temperature strip 60-90C x 1 unit
    Metal ring stand x1
    Light weight plastic stand x 1 (courtesy of a CS member) super useful for travelling. This weighs 60g vs the original stand which is 600g.

    Basically the full spec with extra bits. Happy to demonstrate as I think this is a fantastic portable espresso maker and does make great shots. I'm located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. So feel free to come by and have a play.

    It looks almost as new due to the stainless steel material (no oxidation like brass or aluminium), and the rubber components have been updated as well. I've done a mod to the handle so it is soft and comfortable to exert force (both V1 & V2 stock handle are hard plastic). As for O-rings, I am still using the first pair of O-rings it came with and they are still going strong - have easily used it for more than 100 shots since last June/July. You have 5 more sets of spare so no worries there for a long long while

    Asking $390 for everything.

    Oh, forgot to mention that it has a transferrable Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.

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      Dropping the price to $350 final - my loss. Surplus now since I have a Rossa PG. You won't be disappointed with the shot quality, it's really good (or money back haha!)!