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!!!SOLD!!! - FS Ballarat Mod/Tamed Bezzera Strega w/PID

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS Ballarat Mod/Tamed Bezzera Strega w/PID

    Hey guys

    Upgraditis has hit and I'm offering for sale my Strega

    It's taken me over a week for me to list it as I've ummed and Ahhhed as to whether I should or shouldn't sell but I've decided to let the market decide!

    About 14-16 months old, it has a few marks on the drip tray from resting a jug on it and cups but nothing major.

    I still have the original packaging plus the hoses to plumb it in. Double PF, Single was converted to naked and a double and triple EP precision basket as well as original baskets.

    Not long ago I sent it off to Rick bond to get the "tamed witch" PID Treatment as well as a health check, and a rocket steam arm was added to offer more steam tip options if ever needed.

    It's all tamed now (In my opinion it used to run hot). You can set shot temp to suit your beans and it's very very stable. I think it comes to temp quicker than it used to but Rick tells me I'm dreaming!!

    I'm sure I'll regret the sale as this is my second Strega after an earlier sale and repurchase but I've always wanted a LM on the bench and now could be the time.

    Asking $2900 pickup in Milbrook Vic which is 55 minutes from Melb and 20 from Ballarat. I'm happy to meet someone halfway, I travel to Melbourne a lot for work and may also be able to organise delivery at a time that suits my work schedule.

    These retail for anywhere for $3-3300 and the mods cost me close to $700 hence my price point. If I'm way off let me know.

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    Wow.... Good luck with the sale Luke,

    This is no ordinary Strega and is worth every cent.

    There's one very lucky CS'er about to take a leap....


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      Wow, this will be a good get for someone. Was in stunning condition when I saw it not long ago and the rocket steam wand is a nice, err, cool, touch!



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        l'm interested - l'm a ristretto man ... how good sre the strega ristretto shots?


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          hi lukemc - l've sent you a personal message.

          talk tomorrow...rgds


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            Sold pending pickup. Now to convince my non coffee drinking other half we need a LM on the bench!


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              Nice work. One very lucky camper there