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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - JYR 1kg Electric Coffee Roaster

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - JYR 1kg Electric Coffee Roaster

    Good morning,

    I am currently in the market to purchase a new sample roaster so it's time to move this guy along, I wanted to keep it but I just haven't used it enough to justify keeping it.

    There is a lot of information available for this machine but my first hand experience is that it's build quality is absolutely brilliant, once you get the hang of how it works I was able to produce some amazing roasts out of this.

    I'll be taking some photo's of it later in the day and I'll hopefully have them uploaded tonight.

    I've purchased a handful of spare parts that will be supplied with the sale and I've also modified it and added two large 120mm fans to keep the electronics compartment cooler than the factory setup.

    Comes with:
    Chaff cyclone,
    BT Probe,
    Spare elements,
    Spare solid state relays,
    Spare potentiometers.

    I'm more than happy to let a serious buyer bring some beans and do a few sample roasts prior to purchase.

    Asking $5000

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    Where are you located? Can't wait to see the pictures :-)


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      PM sent ....,.,


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        I'm located in Tullamarine, Melbourne.

        For interstate purchasers I am more than happy to put it on a pallet, strap it down super securely and freight it over.

        I didn't receive a pm by the way.



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          Gavisconi007, you'll need to delete some messages your inbox is full.

          Then resend your message.



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            Originally posted by brendogs View Post
            Gavisconi007, you'll need to delete some messages your inbox is full.

            Then resend your message.

            Please re-send. Thanks


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              Here's some photo's of the roaster. You can see I've added the two large fans that are keeping the electronics much cooler than standard.
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                Brendogs thanks for posting the photos. It's going to be too wide for the area I have available in my garage. Plus, the logistics of getting it to Sydney and not getting something damaged concerns me.

                ******.....over to you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused- I just managed to view the photos after being stuck in meetings all day.



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                  I have one of these as well, can confirm it is a great roaster. Excellent build internal and external, great controls and results. The distributor is in Sydney and provides prompt replies to emails and even sends me 6 monthly "How is it going?" emails.
                  I have had mine for 2 1/2 years now and have enjoyed the roasts it pumps out and the learning curve it provides.
                  brendogs - yours looks fantastic in Orange. I can see it is very well maintained.

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                    You can load it up to 1.2kg-1.3kg of green beans but once you learn how the machine works you will understand what drop temperature is required to work with a higher charge weight. It all depends on how long or how fast you want the roast to be. My roasts are around 10-13min mark and it can handle the heat load easy as pie even at full capacity or more.

                    If you have any questions I'm more than happy to walk you thru it or answer it as well as I can.


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                      I have messaged you about the roaster.




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                        This roaster seems like it would be a really good buy....if I was in the market for another roaster I would have snaffled it up days ago!

                        Good luck with the sale.


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                          Thanks Paolo, I've priced it for a quick sale and I know it represents great value. I just hope it goes to a good home!

                          Here's photo of all the spares that will be supplied with the sale. The reason for all the spares was early day's of having the roaster I had something blocking the fans of the electronics compartment and overheated one of the relays, after replacing the relay it got stuck in my head that the compartment was too hot so I bought those two fans and retrofitted them to the plate for 3 times more airflow than before! When I spoke directly with JYR in Taiwan the cost of freight was quite high so I decided to fill the box and buy plenty of spares and a couple elements thinking if I ever had a problem down the track I'd have the parts on hand for a quick replacement.

                          Fortunately I haven't needed them since I first repaired the machine, but it's good knowing they're there.

                          You'll see there is:
                          2x Replacement elements
                          3x Heating element Solid State Relays
                          2x Variable fan speed Solid State Relays
                          1x Heat Sink
                          5x Various potentiometers

                          Thanks guys!
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                            I think this offering might tempt some of the more serious home roasters looking at the Aillio....


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                              I have seen this roaster here in HK and have tasted it's output. It is a commercial grade roaster and a good deal at AUD 5K.