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!!!SOURCED!!! - WTB: Heatsnob or similar

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  • !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB: Heatsnob or similar

    Heatsnob or similar data logger for <$40.

    I'm at the point where I need to be getting better feedback about temps when I'm roasting to improve more and follow consistent roast profiles regardless of batch size. So before I pull the trigger on a Heatsnob I just wondered if anyone had an old data logger that they're not using that they'd be happy to sell. Just looking to save some money really so willing to pay $40 max including shipping to NZ. I can pay via PayPal or internet banking in Australia or NZ.


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    If you're willing to DIY and know a bit about electronics/programming or willing to learn, you can make one yourself with an arduino and max6675 thermocouple interface arduino breakout boards. You can get an arduino copy for about $10 and the max6675 TC interface is about $3, so you can make a dual input logger for < $20. I've done this myself and it works great. There are max6675 libraries for arduino so the code is very simple. If you write a program to communicate with the arduino over serial that outputs the temps, artisan can read that using the "External program" device.

    I can give you more details if you'd like on how to wire it up/program it if you want to go down that route.


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      Sounds really interesting. Suggest you give all the wannabe techies a tutorial (pictures please), if you have time and inclination.
      I'd be all over it!


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        Andy has developed a logger at very low cost which does the job brilliantly. In addition, the accompanying software provided for nothing represents $$$$ when you add similar stuff to a commercial roaster.

        Yes, perhaps you may be able to make your own at lower cost if your time is worth nothing to you, but may I suggest that etiquette and the tiniest modicum of respect would dictate that these discussions be conducted elsewhere?


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          Thanks for the offer Agrajag, but I don't have the time or the know how to do anything like that. As Chris pointed out above the Heatsnob is already good value so I don't want to circumvent the proper process. Also it's probably a fair call that sharing that info is better done via PM or other media.
          I'm still happy to take a 2nd hand Heatsnob or DMM or the like from anyone that has one they don't use, but if I haven't sourced anything by payday (next week) I'll happily grab a new Heatsnob.


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            I dunno! $80 for a made to order setup that's ready to go, and people are trying to reinvent the wheel to try and save a few bucks

            I agree with Chris, "may I suggest that etiquette and the tiniest modicum of respect would dictate that these discussions be conducted elsewhere"


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              Edit: PM'd info as suggested. I agree that spending a bit of $$ (and yes, a heatsnob is very good value) for something that "just works" is what the vast majority of people will want/should do. Just thought I'd let people who have the inclination know that DIY options are available


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                Originally posted by Yelta View Post
                Ipeople are trying to reinvent the wheel to try and save a few bucks
                It wasn't about saving a few bucks for me. I bought a heatsnob and it's great, as is the software, however it doesn't work for everyone in all situations (e.g. linux), so when my requirements changed I had to look for something else. I don't think it's so bad to put it out there for others where the heatsnob isn't suitable (the vast minority)


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                  A good idea for DIYers but this is NOT the thread to be espousing details or spruiking the concept...



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                    Sorted. Grabbed myself the real deal.


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                      Originally posted by LeroyC View Post
                      Sorted. Grabbed myself the real deal.
                      Well done.