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!!!SOURCED!!! - WTB: La Marzocco GS3

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  • !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB: La Marzocco GS3


    I'm in the market to buy a LM GS3 MP or AV for my roasting room, I don't mind either or.

    I wanted to see if I can find one second before I commit to a brand new one. So if anyone is looking to upgrade or downgrade and is prepared to sell their machine please get in touch.

    Willing to pay around the $4500 range depending on condition.


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    I have a GS3 AV in excellent condition and with some customisations (steam lever modification by the Coffee Machinest -circa $900, and custom panelling by Specht design). However we wouldnt be close to a deal if you are at around $4,500. Good luck with the purchase.


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      Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
      $4500 is Pro 500 and Synchronika territory. Also, close to my machine - Pro 800

      Pro 700 right?


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        The pic is actually a Pro 800 so why the backflip?


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          To Brendogs, if you are thinking of a GS3 and not quite there on the budget, have a think about the LM Linea Mini. I picked up one from Rick recently with a few rather nice mods to it and can't tell you how happy I am with it! You'll pay a little more than your budget but much less than a GS3 and you will have an absolutely amazing machine, which inside is put together like a commercial machine, produces a superb drop and will probably be less maintenance than a GS3 in the long run. I love it!!!


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            Interesting point on the topic of maintenance. I had a GS3 not too long ago that needed $2K of work including a new main board after water damage from a leak. Granted it had seen a hard life and was probably one of the first ones in oz, but that was ridiculous and enough to scare me off ever owning one.

            However that is far from the norm of course and they are a lovely machine, I have had some simply glorious espresso out of Talk Coffee's resident GS3 as well as the honour to mod/make some parts. Good luck with the search.


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              I bought my current gs3 for this price 3 years ago second hand, hence the asking price.

              I think the budget is spot on considering I'm requesting second hand, comparing past prices of sold gs3's either here, gumtree and eBay. One sold on eBay about a month or two ago for $4,100

              Budget isn't an issue, I have access to wholesale pricing but being a tech I personally prefer buying second hand, stripping, descaling, full rebuild and visually if it isn't amazing I may even powder coat the body and give it a facelift. I'd much rather go down the second hand path just because I like getting to know the machine. If I can't find a second hand machine within the next month I'll buy a brand new one.

              Computer issues are my number one fear of any machine I repair, I actually quite like the location of the GS3 computer, I don't think a computer should be placed inside a chassis that is cruising at 100+ degrees with high levels of humidity, not the ideal scenario for a PCB.


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                It's OK with a few strategically placed drain holes in it. The one that got replaced had been partially submerged for a few days and although functional, the machine just wasn't quite right in the head. Agreed it runs cool which is good. Probably worth keeping in touch with Dan at Specht Design as quite a few cross his bench.


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                  Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
                  +1 for a Linea Mini with some Rick magic. Good thinking.
                  Or even a stock Linea mini. 😉

                  They make incredible and repeatable shots straight from the factory and the steam performance is off the charts....


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                    I sort of see your point re the $4,500 price point, but the market pricing for a GS3 is very difficult because the reality is they do not come up for sale second hand very often. With the RRP being $8,450, this will only put upward pressure on the second hand market. The GS3 sold by TalkCoffee recently had some expensive (and very nice) customisations - as my GS3 does, so again difficult to compare. Ultimately it will come down to supply and demand, you may need to wait it out longer than 30 days to wait for a good second hand machine to come up. Again, good luck with it all, and send us some pictures of your roasting room. Faatshank.


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                      I have to agree,

                      With retail prices north of $8k, it only leads to upward pressure on 2nd hand pricing. I consider that even ours at $7k used was a bargain considering $2.7k in mods and a further $500 allocated to service this week before it goes out...

                      Anyone who sells a $4.5k GS3 now is undervaluing it and would have to considered to be inadequately researched. They are very, very good machines and in light of that should take a long time to depreciate down to 50% current retail- if they ever do.


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                        I bought my GS3 MP second hand at the start of this year. I paid $5,500 (plus some home roasted beans) for mine. They don't tend to come up for sale very often.


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                          Mark this as sourced mods.

                          FYI, to all the doubters. Got this just a tad above my asking price so very happy with that.

                          Also this purchase opens up the sale of my current machine 12 month old Expobar Minore IV rotary pump plumbed in. So look ahead for that listing, I'll probably pop it up at some stage tomorrow.

                          Thanks guys!