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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Original Early Model E61 For Sale

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Original Early Model E61 For Sale

    Hey there, fellow Snobbers.

    Here is a delightful plaything I am making available through Coffee Snobs and it’s here for people with a particular interest in machines of timeless beauty and originality…

    I am reluctantly selling my original early model E61 two group beauty I brought over intact from Italy as one of the feature machines destined for a cafe I was setting up.

    This has been a tough choice but, unfortunately, my unique cafe site didn’t come off and (despondently) I have decided to change focus, concentrating on other projects (follies) all good food and coffee related. A bit of family pressure and space problems have made this not just a choice but a fait accompli.

    Anyway, what you can get for your very self:

    A fully original E61 2 Group coffee machine with it’s (all important) near perfect glass name plate and original sticker with fantastic untouched body work and chrome, the original plexi glass, cup holders etc, etc, etc - There is no need to renovate the body work aside from a polish to bring it up to a glisten and basically all external features are in great nic.

    The boiler has been cleaned and resealed with silicone in recent times but it could probably benefit from another scale and clean.
    As this is an antique from a private collection, the electrics will need to be assessed by a competent professional.

    This machine was put through a good hard life at a cafe in Milan and its group heads show the patina caused by a rushed barista emptying their portafilta by giving it a quick thwack directly onto the group-head. This is the touch of history that apart from it’s early model boiler plate makes this baby a unique piece to have in a larger home or a speciality cafe.
    With only a little work, this machine can be fully operational but for a passionate subscriber it would make an ideal restoration project with parts more than readily available.

    I am asking AU$3,600, which I am sure is very reasonable.

    Currently, this E61 is being housed by Rick the Coffee Machinist at his wee workshop in Northcote where it can found in a state allowing a full internal and external inspection.

    For any serious buyers a time can be arranged for a proper viewing but please keep in mind that Rick is only housing this and is not party to any negotiations.

    I look forward to your enquiries.

    Speaking of my collection, there maybe a few of my other babies I prefer to keep but need to be rational about coming up soon. Let’s see how we go…

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