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!!!SOLD!!! - FS (SYD): Scala Butterly E61 HX and Rossi RR45

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS (SYD): Scala Butterly E61 HX and Rossi RR45

    As my move back overseas is looming closer and closer I'm putting up for sale my trusted Scala Butterfly HX E61 espresso machine and Rossi RR45 grinder. They come from a non smoking environment.

    Scala Butterfly

    "Born" in Oct 2002, it has a 1.5L copper boiler, 1200W heating element, 4L water tank and vibe pump.
    Has been completely stripped and had the boiler, all pipes and the E61 grup parts descaled mid 2014. The boiler was again descaled couple of weeks ago just to make sure.
    The following parts have been replaced/upgraded with new parts over the last 1.5 years:
    - pressure switch, water probe assembly, wacuum breaker, water tank
    - vibe pump , the old one is still working fine and I can include it for free
    - steam arm was replaced with a new no-burn arm with flick switch
    - group shower screen was replaced with an IMS Precision one
    The machine has an Eric thermomenter fitted in the group head which gives precise feedback on the extraction temperature. This might be of interest to people extracting coffee at different temperatures based on the roast level/origin of coffee.

    The machine is in good condition as it can be seen from the pictures and makes very tasty coffee. Feel free to contact me for more details or additional photos.

    Dimensions: depth 45 cm, width: 32 cm, height 43 cm.

    Rossi RR45

    Made in 2000, it's a doser grinder. It was pulled apart and thoroughly cleaned a week ago. It's been used in single dosing mode without a hopper but the hopper is available. It works well and from what I can assess with the naked eye the blades have plenty of life left.
    The plastic tamper attached to the grinder was removed but I think I still have it if is wanted. The shot meter was also removed a while ago as I had no use for it and I'm afraid it got lost.

    - Grinding blades: 63.5 mm diameter
    - Dimensions: 200mm (W) x 350mm (D) x 570mm (H)

    Both the machine and grinder work very well with no issues and have been used for 2-3 coffees a day during the week and around 4 coffees on weekends. The machine comes with the following:

    - original portafilter with single and double spouts + single, double, triple baskets
    - tamper (not great but does the job)
    - milk pitcher for steaming milk

    I have some additional items that I plan to ship overseas but my arm can be twisted to sell them with the machine for extra $ if the buyer of the machine really wants them:
    - naked portafilter
    - Reg Barber short Bubinga tamper
    - portafilter mounted pressure gauge
    - espresso/cappuccino/latte cups

    Asking $1350 for the machine and $350 for the grinder or $1600 if purchased together. Happy to provide more photos and to demo and thanks for visiting!

    I don't have the posibility of packing for shipping so this is a local sale only. Location is Meadowbank, 2114, NSW.
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    Price drop to $1200 for the machine, $250 for the grinder or $1400 if purchased together.


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      I have an old Butterfly (doesn't look anywhere near as nice as this one!) ... most people who come over for coffee say it's one of the best they've ever had so these machines are certainly capable of making a good cup. When I bought mine I was actively after an E61 Hx unit but couldn't afford the better known ones but found a fix-er-upper Butterfly on Gumtree - initially I was worried by now am really happy with what it makes for me every day.

      (I also roast my own beans ... that I get from CS of course).


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        Thanks dgood, it's a very reliable machine that kept me happy for many years. If I had the possibility to ship it overseas I'm sure it would serve me well for many more years. I home roast myself and having different coffee origins all the time I appreciate the flexibilit of a HX machine.
        Unfortunatelly I cannot take it with me so I'm hoping to find a coffeesnob willing to take her home .


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          PM sent


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            I very nearly bought this combo, but felt it was probably a little over kill for my non milk needs, and complete novice status. I have to say, however, that corresponding with Roburu was an absolute pleasure, and I would have no hesitation buying anything from him.

            Plus it seems to me, uneducated as I am, to be a very, very good deal.


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              The machine and grinder are now sold, thank you all.