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!!!SOLD!!! - Helor 101 Hand Grinder

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Helor 101 Hand Grinder

    For sale: Helor 101 hand grinder with conventional and contemporary (espresso) burr sets, excellent as new condition other than for some marks on the aluminium outer casing shown in the photos - I thought it was a good idea to knock the side of the casing with the handle to loosen the spare grinds. Yeah, - wasn't. I have taken account of my vandalism in my asking price.

    I bought this last week; it arrived yesterday. I have since ground @ 250g of stale beans, using both the conventional and contemporary (espresso) burr sets. The latter burr set is what will interest folk here no doubt, and is what I have left it loaded with. There is nothing wrong with it at all - as you would expect - rather I have worked out that I don't have the interest to hand grind espresso. I find it takes probably a minute or so, and is quite hard work on these old bones, particularly on the finer settings, which is where I anticipate I will want to use it. One gets a remarkably fine and even grind on the finer settings - Turkish isn't a problem (I'd forgotten exactly how much hard work grinding for Turkish coffee is).

    I took it apart after I finished experimenting, and cleaned it completely. I repacked it (slightly better than factory I wager) and also oiled the wooden handle - inside and out - fresh out of the box it squeaked, very annoyingly.

    Price: $200 + postage. I paid $329 plus postage. An expensive experiment, but very worthwhile.

    You may follow my adventures attempting to find a quiet (or, alternatively, a fast) grinder here. A couple of posters there commented the Helor gave better grinds than their more expensive electric grinders. Certainly I wouldn't doubt the Helor's abilities.


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    And here is the Grinder assembled, as it arrived yesterday and I was working my way down from extremely coarse (fully open) to the finest settings, with the conventional (classic) burr set.
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      Have sent you a PM


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        Thank you.

        And SOLD.
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