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!!!WITHDRAWN!!! - EOI - 2kg gas roaster for sale

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  • !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - EOI - 2kg gas roaster for sale

    Hi people,

    I am looking to sell my 2kg JYR gas roaster shortly (within 6 weeks). The roaster is a JYR brand (also known as North Coffee roasters). The roaster is set up to run on LPG gas and was purchased brand new via an Australia seller who buys these from China (as seen on ebay etc). I am still using this roaster in my current set up, generally roasting around 20-30kg a week. I purchased this roaster in June 2016 for my own coffee supply and a few friends, with the eye to do a small online store. Due to a quick growth in my business and a shift in business plan towards more commercial supply, I have made a decision to jump onto a bigger roaster, hence the sale. The roaster still looks as new and works great, simply it is not feasible for my to keep going on this roaster as my business develops.

    These are a great roaster, they are quite powerful for what they are. It can do 1800g roasts in around 13-14 min to just shy of 2C. It has seperate cooling and airlfow fans, allows simultaneous roasting and cooling. It has an hourly output of around 6kg an hour brown give or take.

    I am looking to sell this by the end of the year as it doesnt make sense for me to keep it with my new roaster. The process of obtaining these roasters is not easy if purchasing here in Australia, I had to pay money to the seller who i hadn't met and waited around 2 months for it to arrive (I had made checks to verify him through various sources, but long story short, the process of getting one isn't easy!).

    Price: $7000
    Location: Newcastle

    If you are interested, please shoot me a PM and we can discuss further. Im throwing this out there for now, as it may well suit alot of people who are considering doing something like I have or want a serious home roaster. I can send any photos on request.

    Mods, if this post doesn't comply, please let me know and I can alter it to suit.



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    I would be willing to negotiate on pricing, if you have an interest shoot me a PM.


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      Item no longer for sale. Cheers