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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Brugnetti Simona Top DE (another NZ based special)

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Brugnetti Simona Top DE (another NZ based special)

    Ladies and gents,

    Just as I did recently with the Gaggia Classic I refurbished I thought I'd offer this for sale here first before it is advertised on the usual online sites. I didn't get any local interest in the Gaggia via CS, but this is a next level machine so you never know. Anyway here's the details:

    Model: Brugnetti Simona Top DE

    This is the top of the range domestic machine from Brugnetti. I'm not 100% sure how old it is, but it's somewhere between 15 and 20yrs old I think. Standard features:

    • 1.2L copper boiler
    • Heat exchanger
    • 1.8L water reservoir
    • 1000w element
    • Gicar adjustable volumetric dosing system (or manual option)
    • Electronic self levelling pressurestat
    • Alarm sounds, pump cuts out and element turns off when water reservoir is low
    • Boiler pressure gauge
    • Commercial 58mm group
    • Actively heated group head
    • 3-way solenoid
    • Large drip tray
    • Polished stainless front and top
    • Black side and back panels
    • Weight 17kg
    • Dimensions . 25x38hx30


    • Boiler wrapped in Armourflex insulation
    • OPV set to 10bar static pressure
    • Some hoses replaced with flexible stainless hose
    • Steam wand replaced with a Breville BES800 wand (the third wand I tried and by far the best of the three)
    • One portafilter cut to be a naked PF. (Very professional job done by a mate of mine on his lathe)
    • Vibration dampening around the drip tray

    Repairs, upgrades etc:

    • Rust treated and repainted
    • Back panel resprayed
    • New anti-vac valve
    • Shower screen and group gasket replaced as necessary and currently in good condition
    • Pressure gauge cover replaced and retaining ring resprayed
    • Steam valve welded after outlet nipple broke

    This has been an awesome machine for me for over two years now. I bought it from a fellow CS member in Sydney and took it back to NZ. I believe I'm the third owner. Some of the basic mods were done by the last owner (flexi-hose, boiler wrap), the rest have been done by me. It really is in awesome condition for its age and makes amazing coffee. Heat up time is relatively quick thanks to the actively heated group head. I find it's making good coffee after 15min, but does get better after another 10-15.
    Apparently the heat exchanger on this is quite short. That means it does run a little hot, but I haven't found this to be an issue as long as I remember to flush the group before extraction. Steam power is really good, but again because of the small hx it's a little low on heat and isn't super fast. It'll never run out of juice and is still faster than most appliance machines, but not as fast as your average Rocket/VBM/Bezzera.
    It had already had some rust treatment under the drip tray when I bought it, but I wasn't happy with the job so I've redone it as well as doing more at the same time. I took all the panels off and sanded back under the drip tray before applying rust converter and black lacquer. I also spot treated any small bits of rust right through the machine. The back panel had had a couple of knocks so I sanded it down, treated any rust then resprayed it in semi-gloss black. I polished up the stainless steel surfaces as best I could.
    There's the normal signs of use you'd expect on a machine this age - light surface scratches on the cup tray and drip tray grill, a few little dings here and there, some water spotting on the side panels. There's also a small dent in the group head surround that occurred when my mate got the hole saw stuck when he was drilling out the hole for the steam wand mod. It's not bad, but it's there so I feel I need to mention it. I have recently had it bench tested by the local service tech. They couldn't fault it and said it was an awesome little machine. They also gave it a fresh electrical test tag.
    Well that's probably more than enough for now, I don't think I've left anything out. If you have any questions just let me know. Price is firm at NZ$650. I'm happy to ship within NZ at the buyers expense. (Please note - I will not be able to ship outside NZ, so this is for NZ based CSers only).

    Some photos:

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    A pity it's not for sale outside of NZ, as this is the first one I've seen for sale for a long time. The lucky buyer should be very pleased with this.


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      The last three photos are making me salivate
      All the best with the sale, Leroy

      Nice machine


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        No interest in this so I'll give it one bump before moving it to the auction site.