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!!!SOURCED!!! - WTB : used grinder for newbie in Perth <$200

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  • !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB : used grinder for newbie in Perth <$200

    Hi All
    I am a relative newbie in Perth and currently have a Sunbeam Cafe series, a minipresso and Porlex. After going around in circles about which grinder would work best for me at the lower price range I was tossing up with the Lido or the MacapM2M, ( I think that is the name?). I am leaning now more towards an electric grinder as the Porlex has really put me off hand grinding.

    I only make 1 maybe 2 espressos per day and so I thought for such a low usage and no budget I wondered if anyone in Perth had an old grinder ( not too huge) they wish to sell that may be suitable for me?
    I don't need anything fancy as you can see and I am no coffee expert, but prefer a solid machine than a new Breville grinder.
    Any ideas or offers around the $100-200 mark would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paula ( location osborne park / scarborough)

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    I have a near new breville dose control pro that I wish to sell. I am in North Perth.
    Model BCG600SIL
    Contact me via PM for a price.

    Edit: I also have a Mazzer Mini doser I need to sell too if you're interested but it'll be more than $200.
    The breville however, I'll let go cheaply for a fellow snob.
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      Thanks for your reply Toorakwa,sounds very interesting will pm when I get home this afternoon.


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        i used to own a porlex and upgraded to a oe lido

        can definitely say that a lido might still be worth considering. it is a whole lot easier and faster than a porlex and grind quality is very consistent


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          You are so right lemoo, I have been admiring them for so long ,( and there seems to be a whole swag of new high quality hand grinders on the market too I have been admiring) but they rarely seem to come up for sale second hand and I am wanting to get something pronto. I know $300 for a new one is good value for money, unfortunately it is still a stretch for me at present. Maybe down the track. Thanks


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            !!! sourced !!!Thanks to Toorakwa for helping out a newbie and I am will be able to begin the grinding journey with my near new Breville Dose Control Pro. Thanks to all who read the thread.