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!!!SOLD!!! - FS - [Melb] Baby Roaster with Bean Temp Thermocouple - $230

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  • samuellaw178
    Consider this sold. Thanks CS.

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS - [Melb] Baby Roaster with Bean Temp Thermocouple - $230

    Hi all,

    Up for sale is my Baby Roaster the hand crank model. It's a very simple and effective roaster. I've used it for a year or so (on the kitchen stove) with great results and have now upgraded to a Quest M3.

    Recommended capacity is 200g green which was all I had done mostly. It can certainly go slightly higher or lower if you wish but 200 seems a good target.

    The common downside with a stock Baby Roaster is that you have to roast by feel/intuition and are in the dark with the roasting process.
    For that, I have the 10mm stainless steel thermocouple from Beanbay fitted onto the roaster ($22.5 by itself). The probe is bent so that it dips and fully immerse in the bean mass which is critical for accurate reading.

    Also, a K-type digital thermometer is included (no datalogging capability but you can easily add your own).

    First crack is usually around 200 Celcius which is very consistent. I've attached one of the roast logs to show what's achieveable on the Baby Roaster.

    If you want to experience the zen of roasting without thermometry, no problem. Just loosen the hex nut and you're good to go. The probe is secured by a M6 stainless hex nut and is easy to assemble/disassemble.

    The roaster does show sign of use, but it will happen eventually with the heat from roasting process. Nothing that affects functionality or longevity.

    It's a great starter roaster in my opinion with ability to control your roast outcome. Very simple with no electronic to fail, except your arm. Speaking of which, it's not recommended for those with arthritis. But otherwise it's a very easy/relaxing workout. I normally do 3 roasts back-to-back in the weekend to get me over the week.

    Pick up in Fitzroy, VIC.

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