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!!!SOLD!!! - FS - [Melb] EspressoForge - Stainless steel Portable Espresso Maker

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS - [Melb] EspressoForge - Stainless steel Portable Espresso Maker

    Hi all,

    I've advertised this before and the ad expired with me not working hard enough to move it out... So here I am again in an attempt to clear some unused coffee stuff.

    As mentioned in the ad, it still comes with full accessories and spares. Now 'upgraded' with Cafelat's silicone E61 gasket. Since the device is made of stainless steel, it still looks as new as it came to me. Will last multiple lifetime and more easily, unless you chuck the entire thing in a strong acid bath (which then dissolve the metals and is probably the only way to destroy this thing).

    I have pulled it out last week to pull a shot. Pulls a mean & real espresso shot easily. Only regret is I have too many toys (Rossa PG as a back up) and the Brugnetti Aurora lever is what I use daily (99% of the time).

    Price is $300 if anyone's interested. Replacement cost is way over $300 USD ($250 for the unit, $40 for the stand, $30 for the stainless pressure gauge option, and miscellaneous others. Shipping from the State was $70 last I paid)

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    Bumpity bump! I guess not many is familiar with the device? Here's a link to the users impression on Home barista.

    There's lots of info on the official website too.

    It's a really well built device and is one of the rare breeds in portable device world that makes real espresso.
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      Can't believe this isn't getting any interest. Any espresso lover who is brewing for one and likes to keep into good coffee on the road, or while camping etc, should give the Espresso Forge close consideration.

      Match with a good hand grinder eg Lido, Helor or Comandante and this makes the ultimate travel espresso package.

      Also for those that have a need for a quiet, quick, espresso the EF will tick all the boxes. No need for machine heat up time and matched with the quieter hand grinders will help maintain domestic harmony.

      The EF is really built to last and using standard E61 componentry allows for experimentation with baskets. The ability to pressure profile also gives access to a function otherwise the province of infinitely more expensive high end or lever espresso machines. Maintenance is also far simpler and those that require steam can achieve this with a simple stove top pressure vessel such as the Bellman - again very economically.

      Would highly recommend the EF for the above circumstances.


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        That's pretty cool. Leaves an aeropress for dead


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          Thanks guys. It does leave the aeropress for dead. For espresso guys (like me), the aeropress never did it for me, nor the plastic.

          Just made another shot, yes at this hour - all in under 3 min till the first sip, and looked exactly like the above post #2, effortless! Took a sip and it's tasty too (but still need my sleep so will make another one instead with the EF tomorrow am)!

          Edit: Added the shot this morning. 16g in 30g out. Lots of tiger mottling and tastes fantastic. Smooth & chocolatey!
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            watched the vid the youtube and certainly looks interesting. don't know how it keeps the temperature right though as it uses boiling water.


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              My understanding is that the stainless steel body absorbs some of the heat from the boiling water but due to its fairly low heat transfer properties it won't cool it off too much (assuming you don't wait to much to start the extraction ).
              The maker of EspressoForge claims that you only need to pre-heat it for light roasts.


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                Yup, that's right. There's a lot of mass in there so boiling water is really what you want to use.

                In fact, the Forge is really quite unique in that sense - if you don't preheat, it tends to brew around 75-80C, similar to what the Aeropress inventor was recommending for Aeropress. I know most would think that this man is crazy, but I find that shots brewed this way is extraordinarily pleasant - smooth, soft and flavorful. Very easy to go down the throat. And no, not sour at all, completely counter-intuitive and mind-blowing! You'd have to taste it to believe it - as before Scace-ing, I couldn't believe I was tasting shots at that temperature - completely fooled by the delicious shots it made!

                If you would like to brew at 93C Celcius, yes you can, by steam-preheat it on a kettle which you use for heating up water. I am supplying a temp strip to facilitate that. Personally, I find the Forge excels without preheating and does it with minimal fuss.

                Here's a nice set of data from EspressoForge official site if you want to go the steam-preheat route.



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                  Just an update, the Forge has been sold to a lucky home. Thanks CS!