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!!!SOLD!!! - EoI / FS: Bezzera Magica &/or LM Linea Mini - SYD or MNC

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - EoI / FS: Bezzera Magica &/or LM Linea Mini - SYD or MNC

    Expressions of interest sort for sale of Bezzera Magica &/or LM Linea Mini.

    We recently purchased a Bezzera Magica from the good people at Di Bartoli - read more here

    Quick spec but read more on the link above: 2L copper boiler; 4L water tank; 1450w heating element; shares these similar spec to other Bezzera machines such as Domus, Strega, Mitica. Vibe pump. Beautiful mirror finish stainless surrounds.

    Weight:22.7 Kg; Width:300mm Depth:425mm Height:415mm

    So the story is that my awesome wife back at end of August won the Riverina milk competition with prize of La Marzocco Linea Mini. Still waiting on the LM LM to arrive but it's coming [hopefully] soon now so it's time to see who wants what.

    Few month old Magica $1999 + optional $200 delivery to Sydney includes a OCD tool.
    * Approx. 8 months warranty remaining from Di Bartoli.

    * Hard to see (hard to photograph) scrape on right hand panel.

    * always fed filtered water; cleaned and flushed fastidiously / regularly.

    Alternatively, a very close to new in box Linea Mini $4395. Part of the prize will be barista led training, so the box will be opened and fun will be had!

    Details and pics to come tomorrow.

    I want to keep the mini but it would pay for some kids dental bills coming to our household :-p

    Either way y'all get hundreds off the brand new price and a machine that makes great coffee.

    I'm on the NSW Mid North Coast (Taree/Forster/Tuncurry area) but could happily deliver to Sydney or inbetween on a weekend...
    + optional $200 delivery to Sydney includes an ONA OCD tool.

    Will throw in a tamper (red trim) and some cleaning powder and cloth and milk jug.

    Feel free to PM questions.


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    Awesome wife all rite . Glws.


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      Price from Di Bartoli $2430 with whacky RRP $2750

      I'm happy to do delivery North to Coffs Harbour as well if that helps anyone.

      Additional pics

      click for larger pic of cup holder from above
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        So you're looking for $2200 delivered to Sydney for the Magica?


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          MCT, of that $200 I mentioned I'm willing to include the Ona Coffee Distribution tool (OCD) which RRPs for $165.

          As it works out to be about 8 hours driving time roundtrip for me to go to Sydney and back again it'd be good to cover some petrol.

          In saying all that, I'd be happier not to drive to Sydney. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just Forster has some beautiful beaches and someone could come enjoy a weekend at Forster instead and collect a machine on their break and take home some good coffee.

          Take it away Tourism NSW ;-)


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            Unboxing the lion has been moved to a new thread here.

            If you'd like the title changed let me know in the new thread Matth3wh.

            Java "Gotta love new toys!" phile
            Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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              Now on the other side of the Lion vs Serpent. The Bezzera has a lot of qualities to like.


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                EoI / FS: Bezzera Magica &/or LM Linea Mini - SYD or MNC

                I'll be in Sydney for work soon so can likely deliver it btw 23-25 January if that helps anyone.

                $1999 including delivery (if it lines up with the work trip) for the Bezzera Magica and I'll throw in the OCD.

                Usual single, double spout and naked with triple basket 21g.


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                  Will be heading down to Sydney tomorrow morning if anyone wants to pay $1899 for the Bezzera and I throw in the OCD.

                  PM me.

                  May consider $3995 for the LM Linea Mini if anyone interested PM.


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                    Sent you a pm regarding the magica 😀


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                      Hi matth3wh - sent you a PM a week or so ago, not sure if you saw it...


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                        Sent you a PM


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                          EoI / FS: Bezzera Magica &/or LM Linea Mini - SYD or MNC

                          So the Bezzera Magica is sold to a good coffee loving home.

                          I really love and miss the steam levers. Sigh.

                          The LM LM will stay with us for another month or two at least before I decide which way to go with it.

                          Thank you for the interest in these machines and thank you Andy/CS crew for this site! Really appreciate it.

                          Mods this thread can be closed off.