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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! -Mahlkonig vario grinder, with upgraded PF holder, good condition

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! -Mahlkonig vario grinder, with upgraded PF holder, good condition

    Mahlkonig vario grinder, with the upgraded heavy metal portafilter holder.

    Unit is in good condition. It has had the left lever arm replaced (notches were wearing in the old one) as well.

    The right lever knob occasionally slips off, but doesn't affect use if you hold it properly. (and you never move it unless you are doing grinds for filters or press)

    I can include the original PF holder (plastic one) if necessary. The case has some tape on the sides to hold the heavy PF holder in place, but you can't really see it from the front. This is just because the case isn't that firm in terms of its grip on the metal holder. Its secure and the PF can be left in place securely whilst grinding etc without any movement.

    It's all working very well. Has ground 5 to 7 shots a week for about 18 months. Great upgrade from a lower end grinder, great for space saving needs, or as a second/backup grinder for those with more serious grinders at home

    Looking for $400 including postage (the upgraded PF holders are $50).

    Click image for larger version

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    Which generation is this grinder (I, II or III)?


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      I've just added a picture, not sure if that helps determine the generation? Is there some other way I can check, I'm actually not sure at this point which one it is.


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        The V3 has ceramic burrs, the V2 has metal burrs. Thanks for the photo!


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          It definitely has ceramic burrs, have had the burrs out to clean.


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            Originally posted by yojabbajabba View Post
            The V3 has ceramic burrs, the V2 has metal burrs. Thanks for the photo!
            Are you sure about that? As far as I know, the metal burrs is an extra option for a small fee (more suitable for brew than espresso). Nothing to do with the versions and Baratza has never officially designated the Vario by version either.


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              It is a gen1 - look at the display! The 2 and 3 have numbers, not useless labels. The 1 is a much more general grinder (I had one for three weeks a while back) whilst the 2 and 3 are really precision Turkish to espresso only* (despite the macro settings from 3 upwards). Apart from the P/F, I cannot pick a difference between a 2 and 3 "in the cup".

              All Mahlkonig** Vario's have ceramic burrs which will probably outlast anyone in a home environment (one of mine did "cafe decaf duty" for a few weeks and has done well over 150Kg (bordering on 200 I suspect). The burrs of my other one had done around 5Kg when I compared them with a microscope - no wear at all.


              * There is a steel burr option for those who prefer coarser grinds - however any standard grinder can do that so I wonder who would bother.
              ** not sure about Baratza (US only branding) burrs. As they are grey imports in Oz, I admit to not caring much either...