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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: Almost new Behmor 1600+ package with Ninety Plus Coffee (Victoria)

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: Almost new Behmor 1600+ package with Ninety Plus Coffee (Victoria)


    I'm selling my almost brand new Behmor 1600Plus. It has done less than 5 roast in total, I could not find the space in my small apartment to roast as often plus working in the coffee industry, I get a lot of free coffee. I spent more time and effort creating the perfect roaster rather than roasting.

    This Behmor 1600+ is well maintained and working perfectly. This roaster has been pimped up with temperature probe and the Victor 86B multimeter connected to a notebook running Roast Monitor which comes in this whole package as you can see in the photos. This helps monitor and create the roast profiles you desire. Also included is a bean cooler with an exhaust fan to helps cool down the roasted coffee more efficiently.

    So this package include:
    1. Behmor 1600+ (with probe)
    2. Victor 86B Multimeter
    3. Dell Inspiron 630m (No battery)
    4. Bean cooler with exhaust fan

    Also include are some amazing green coffee worth about $100 so you can start roasting straight away:
    1. Alicia Valencia - Washed Colombian (Approx 2.2kg)
    2. Ninety Plus Geisha - Juliet H2 (Approx 150gm)
    3. Ninety Plus Geisha - Perci N2 (Approx 120gm)
    4. Ninety Plus Geisha - Neel (Aprox 120gm)

    Perfect set up for a beginner or an enthusiast. Has all the bells and whistles to track and create profiles, plus delicious coffee to start your journey.

    Asking for $650 for the whole package. Located in Port Melbourne or able to deliver if not too far away.

    Thanks for taking the time to read. Please PM me.
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    Any chance of selling items 1,2 and 4 separately mate? I need. Behmor but don’t need the laptop (not fussed on the cooler if you’d prefer to keep that too). Beans would be cool but also not a need!


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      Very tempting seeing as I am only down the road. Roasting wasn't something I was going to get into for a while yet!

      I think the items 1 and 2 would be of value. An old clapped out Dell less so.


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        Thanks guys for checking out the post. The notebook is not of any real value, it's more of a bonus that I'm throwing in for free to help anyone who wants a designated screen when tracking your roast profiles as it's already set up.
        Still asking for the same price if anyone won't need it in the package.



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          Sent you a pm.


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            I leave the queue, having to choose a smaller roaster for the moment.
            Bump for Hyperwave.


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              More photos of the bean cooler

              mjoyce more photos of the bean cooler
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                Hey, is this still available?


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                  Yup it's still available.


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                    Do we have an update as to sold or unsold by chance?


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                      Hi Mod. Can you change to SOLD. Thanks.