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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: [MEL] Lelit Bianca $3350

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: [MEL] Lelit Bianca $3350

    Up for sale is my amazing Lelit Bianca in pretty much new condition. Dual boiler PID, flow control paddle, rotary pump, E61. This has been used about 1-2 times per fortnight since I purchased new in October 2018 (I have a coffee day job, and this was intended to be a weekend play/learning machine). As you have the option to disable the steam boiler, and seeing as I rarely drink white coffees, I've only ever brought the steam boiler up to pressure maybe 10 times in total. I've used filtered water and maintained a regular schedule of flushing, scrubbing, and chemical backflushing. This thing is squeaky clean pristine.

    Reason for sale?

    This machine has pulled the best shots I've ever tasted. I've mostly been playing around with low-flow preinfusions: both mimicking what commercial machines are capable of, and Rao 'blooming' shots - and this machine has made me ecstatic with what it's produced. Now, while I find value in manually varying the flow rate with the paddle and watching the pressure gauge at the grouphead for feedback, I want to take my espresso learning further. My next machine will be a Decent - something that can give me more quantifiable feedback and graphed records - as well as setting automatic parameters for flow, temperature, and pressure. Up until now, I've been taking lessons from the Decent and replicating them on the Bianca, but I want to do more experimenting and discovering.

    The Bianca suits someone who makes a few morning coffees, likes to entertain and steam lots of milk drinks, and also make amazing black coffees - at incredible value (seriously, there's nothing else at this price point with these features!). Also, this machine is damn pretty and all your friends will compliment you on your fine taste, as have mine. I would totally keep it if my situation demanded that I entertain with it - but a Decent will suit me more for my coffee geekery/learning purposes.


    - All original accessories: 1x naked and 1x spouted portafilter, all 4 original baskets (of which include a blind basket), alternatice steam wand tip, stock tamper, scrubbing brush, Lelit cloth, plumbing hoses, raised drip tray for small cups, and an in-machine softener.

    - 1x 20g VST basket. For all the Bianca's prestige, the stock Lelit baskets are terrible. They have partially blocked holes and side holes that went unpunched altogether, not to mention the steel brushing 'job'. Using precision baskets may have spoiled me, but seeing as you're dropping several thousand on an espresso machine, getting a good basket is a no-brainer. I'll chuck in my VST so you can have the best possible experience with this machine out of the box (so to speak). ***Important*** The largest VST basket that will fit in these portafilters is 20g. I thought I could get a 22g VST into the naked - I was mistaken.

    - User manual and all original paperwork.

    - A small mirror so you can watch your naked shots without craning your neck (and/or burning your nose on the grouphead).

    Located in Coburg North. I no longer have the original box or pallet, so pickup only.

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    That's a remarkable price for a remarkable and new machine.
    Made me fire up mine and make a coffee.



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      Sweet setup. Hope your sale goes well.

      I like the looks of the DE and also the Bianca plus the Smart Espresso Profiler add on.

      Maybe one day the money stars will align.


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        Wow, looks fantastic! Love the blind spot mirror, great idea!




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          Originally posted by artman View Post
          Love the blind spot mirror, great idea!


          Me too! [emoji44] I ordered these.


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            Bump, back to the top.


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              Bianca is on hold, pending pickup.