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!!!SOLD!!! - 5kg RoastMax Roaster - 2009 Model - $5,000 ONO

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - 5kg RoastMax Roaster - 2009 Model - $5,000 ONO

    Hey Guys,

    Upgrade time (for me and you!)

    Giveing you guys first pick on this - it goes on Gumtree in a couple fo days.

    For sale, today is an honest reliable 2009 Model 5kg Roastmax Coffee Roaster.

    New, you're looking at around $18,000 for one of these!

    They are a well respected and well known roaster within the industry, with many roasters starting their business on these 5kg Roastmax Roasters.

    I'm the 2nd owner, the business I purchased this machine from had it installed in their premises by RoastMax roasters in 2010. Their coffee business didn't grow as hoped and they averaged 30-40kg a week in this machine from 2010-2013 when I picked it up late 2013.

    Since then it's served my small roastery well, with me now averaging 40kg a week.

    Over the last 6 years, it's reliably done it's job every week with the only hiccup being a blown capacitor on the mixer motor once (replaced).

    It has 4 motors for true simultaneous roasting and cooling for continuous roasting
    Adjustable gas and airflow
    Variable speed Drum speed.
    It weighs around 300kg.

    I've just upgraded to a 10kg machine and have decided to list this 'farm fresh'.

    Instead of servicing, painting and touching up this roaster and jacking up the price accordingly...

    today you have the opportunity to buy this roaster at a reduced price as it is.

    I literally disconnected the gas - rolled it out and have given it a wipe over. That's it.

    No touchups - no disguising the condition or state (you'll see in the pics - I've deliberately shown the worst of the roaster). So you can be confident that what you see is what you get.

    It's fully functional - I've been using it right up till this week.

    The downsides.
    - Electronic ignition is sporadic. I suspect the contact element just needs a good clean - but I've been using a BBQ lighter to light the pilot light.
    - surface rust on many components. While none of this affects the function, I'd imagine the new buyer will want to sand all these bits back and repaint/powdercoat/chrome.
    - Due for a good service

    I could do all this before sale - but the price would go up significantly!

    If you're handy, and perhaps have more time than money at the moment, this is the roaster for you!

    Pickup is Morisset (near Newcastle) NSW. I've got ramps/access for easy loading onto a trailer.

    Happy to answer any questions/provide more Pics on request.

    Liam - 0423744753
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    More Pics

    Here are a few more pics
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      This sounds like a great buy, good luck with sale Schedule
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        I was about to post "hey, I have a mate with one of those, watched him do a few roasts on it" then I read the user name and realised it was you! Glad the business is expanding mate!


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          Hi Liam, so just to clarify
          it roastes 5kg of beans per load and you are buying a 10 kilo per load machine due to business demands correct?



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            Sold! Will update title ASAP!