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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: La Marzocco GS3 AV

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: La Marzocco GS3 AV

    Bought new in mid-2014. This machine has only been used by my wife and myself to make about five coffees a day. It has had a water backflush after every use and a weekly backflush with cleaner. The steam boiler was drained every three months.

    The only thing that isn't working correctly is the tea tap. It stopped working shortly after the warranty expired. The solenoid clicks on and water flows, but there isn't enough hot water mixed in, so it's only just warm.

    Includes all pictured accessories. I think this is everything that came with it originally. The handles and baskets have had almost no use as I used a naked handle and ridgeless basket (not included in sale). The original LM tamper is there along with a spare group gasket. The plumb-in kit is unused. I think the baskets are the VST ones, but with LM branding.

    The photo of the back shows what appears to be a mark next to the GS3 logo. It's only a reflection, there is no mark there. The machine was tucked into a corner, and has no visible damage beyond the normal light scratches from coffee cups on the warmer and drip tray.

    $5,500. Would prefer to sell it to someone locally that can pick it up from Glenmore Park in NSW. I can strap it to a pallet if there is no local buyer, but you will need to arrange freight.

    Click image for larger version

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    The teat tap when it's on. Water is just warm.

    Click image for larger version

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      With the hot water, are you sure the mixing valve under the machine hasnt been turned accidentally, or have you tried the other setting in the program for hot water to without pump so it draws hot water only from the boiler


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        Thanks for the suggestions John, but it's not either of these as I checked them.

        There is a discussion about this problem on HB. The hot water comes from the bottom of the steam boiler and goes through two inline check valves before it gets to the mixing valve. Earlier GS3s only had one check valve, but apparently the heat from the boiler was causing some of them fail. This led to some other problem when the machine was plumbed in (steam boiler overfill I think). They added a second check valve in case the first one failed open.

        This machine gives slightly warm water, so some hot water is getting to the mixing valve. I think one (or both) of the check valves has failed partially closed, hence the shortage of hot water from the boiler.

        It may have failed closed because we almost never used it. The stainless boilers in the GS3 do not impart any taste that I can notice, but boiler water is always flat and dull. If I ever made a long black, I preferred to use the steam wand as it tasted better with water that hadn't been boiled. That is why I didn't fix it when I noticed that it failed a few years ago. I thought it might fail again if we didn't use the tap regularly.

        I understand that this problem may be a turn-off for a potential buyer. I may fix it if the machine doesn't sell, but I decided to list it as-is because it may not bother someone who doesn't want to use the tap. If I end up keeping it, I might remove the tap altogether as it just gets in the way for my usage.


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          Willing to sell the plumb in kit separately?


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            Originally posted by mrdunu View Post
            Willing to sell the plumb in kit separately?
            Maybe. I'll see if it sells complete first.


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              Hi upl8 I PM'd you


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                The GS3 is sold. Congratulations Delboy! Great talking to you on the phone.