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!!!SOLD!!! - FS [SYD]: KKTO Roasting and Cooling Station

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS [SYD]: KKTO Roasting and Cooling Station

    I’m selling my KKTO roasting and cooling station.
    I’ve build the roaster under Koffee Kosmo directions, buying parts as advised, or from him directly.
    I’ve also built a very silent and super fast cooler, and as I like integration I’ve mounted everything in the same trolley (an IKEA changing table) and sorted out the electrical side of the project.
    There are three elements that need power: the turbo oven as heat source, the electric motor for the agitator and the fan for the cooler. They are all conveniently turned on and off by the power board mounted on the side of the Station.
    The hook is helpful to hand the turbo oven when it has finished.
    Wheels make moving the Station around easy.
    Finally the large tray underneath can hold quite a few bags of green coffee.

    I am selling as moving from a house to a flat.

    The roaster works very well, roasting 600g-700g of green coffee easily. It can be pushed more, up to 1kg according to KK.
    The tick steel pot has its capacity reduced according to KK’s directions, in order to reach the right temperature for coffee roasting.
    The AC/DC power adapter is somehow oversized and overprized, which is not a bad thing. It lies under the pot/cooler bench.

    I’m selling all my green coffee with the Station. That’s about 10kg-11kg, as from photo, so that’s about $120.

    Price: $300, or the best offer (in either direction).

    Pickup from Cherrybrook, NSW, 2126.Click image for larger version

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    Heya dude, I absolutely love the look of this setup. Any chance I could pop around on the weekend and have a demo before deciding to pick her up?

    Thanks for sharing this beauty none the less.



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      Absolutely, no problem.
      PM me, and we can sort this out.


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        first of all, sucks to be you,

        2nd of all, that's a very fair price. I use a KKTO to roast my coffee and it is such an easy way to roast a decent amount. Ideal for the home roaster that just wants easy predictable roasts and is less interested in tweaking, and roasting many small batches.

        You shouldn't have any issue selling that


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          Please mark as SOLD.