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!!!SOLD!!! - FS - (ADL) La Pavoni Grand Romantica GRL

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS - (ADL) La Pavoni Grand Romantica GRL

    Selling my Grand Romantica that I've owned for about 3 years now.
    1.6L Boiler rather than the 0.8 from the standard.
    Custom handles (original ones are still included), I've got a naked portafilter to go with it too.
    Comes with a Pullman tamper which was made to measure to the basket size by Mark himself.
    This machine has provided me with the best coffees I've ever had, homemade or by someone else.

    The bad:
    Hasn't had a service in two years, seals could do with re-lubing/replacing.
    There is some rust underneath the drip tray which is pretty standard with these machines.
    The boiler is slightly loose, easy enough to fix, just haven't had the time. The machine is fully functional and this hasn't caused any leaks or loss of pressure.

    Can also offer a Rancilio Rocky grinder (doserless) at an extra cost.

    Pickup is Salisbury East.

    $900 for the Machine. $200 for the Rocky or $1000 for both. Open to offers.
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    damn kinda interested in these atm, if i didnt already have seven machines.....
    how old is this one? howd you get bigger boiler was that factory or particular model type?


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      I believe all models except for the Europiccola are 1.8 as standard. With the Europiccola being 0.8l


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        1.6l as standard I mean, not 1.8l oops.


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          As above, yep the Professionals and Romanticas have the 1.6L boiler. I couldn't deal with the 0.8L one personally.


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            Jeez this is nice. Would you be open to posting to Melbourne?


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              Hi Cnnrs, do you have pictures of the Rocky? What can you tell me about it?


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                This is all gone, please lock this one up mods