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August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

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  • August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

    This thread is for feedback on BeanBay, the new poll system for CoffeeSnobs.


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    Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

    Looking good Andy! From the layout it looks like were buying from stock you already have rather than waiting until theres enough orders for you to buy a sack. Is this the case?

    Hope it save you a serious amount of time!


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      Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

      It will be a mixture of both in stock and to be ordered.
      This month there a quite a few "stocktake" items which are beans from "my own stash" that were requested.

      Yes, it will save time for everyone. Faster invoicing, better communication, all good!

      The web site is taking a bit of a hammering at the moment, it should settle down shortly.


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        Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

        great job with the new Polls,well done!
        i noticed when I my order was submitted it came back with the details/order etc and then instructed to please use invoice number 60035 in the payment yet the actual invoice noted further below was #60006.........


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          Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

          Hey Andy,

          Just ordered my first batch of CS coffee. Im excited ;D

          A little quirk on my checkout form is that this text:

          If paying by bank deposit, please use invoice number ***** in the payment
          description field of your transfer so we can tell who the payment came
          from. Prompt payment ensures that everyone gets their delivery faster.

          ...shows a different invoice number when compared with the number underneath the line on the same page. My confirmation email has the same number that appears below the line, so I will use that one. Just thought you would like to know.



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            Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

            Nice Andy, really nice.

            I got the same little gliche as Nigel with the invoice number, obviously just some kind of link not configured correctly.

            Looks like the new system will deliver everything necessary for CSers at the front end, lets just hope it saves you some trouble at the back end.




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              Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

              looks like were all gonna be invoice #35....hopefully its a minor bug Andy :-/


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                Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                Hello All,

                Im a newbie so cant comment on how things operated before, but I must say, the new BeanBay is superb. Easy to use, I added and substracted, cancelled and started again and all worked flawlessly. A great effort guys, and much appreciated.



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                  Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                  Really really good

                  By now you probably know about the invoice number discrepancy but I also think that there is a total lack of useful links. Like:
                  • A link back to "Coffee Snobs Home" or maybe "Market Square"
                    the link to BeanBay from CS home page or Market Square.
                  This could be all solved by having BeanBay within the same frame that the old polls where in.

                  Also it would be great to have the $price right beside or near the items picture or Name like the old Poll system used to have



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                    Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                    The link to CS Home is the logo in the top left corner.


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                      Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                      Great system. Looks good.

                      I appear to have gotten the CORRECT invoice number flow thru from the ordering screen, to the confirmation email I just received.

                      A big THANKS from me for still offering a Melb Metro $10 delivery.
                      Id much rather give more of my money to CS, than Aust Post.
                      Meaning, at $10 delivery, I have "budget approval" to order 4 x 2.5kg.
                      Otherwise I would be limited to 3 x 2.5kg per poll.

                      Andy, do you have a preference for payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit ?
                      Which is less work for you ?
                      Im happy to pay the couple extra dollars and use PayPal if it means less work for you reconcilling payments.

                      Thanks to all involved for the many many hours of hard work that must have gone into getting this all up and running


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                        Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                        I guess the invoice bug has stopped things for the moment (about 14:50), I cant see anything except the "polls are up" and this "feedback" post,
                        but then I have been known to be slightly computer illiterate at times...

                        Edited at 15:30 Never mind me I found it and it is good, thanks Andy.


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                          Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                          Thanks for the heads-up CSrs.

                          Glad the first impressions are good. We are really excited about the look and feel and hope that this first poll runss fairly smooth.

                          The invoice "whoops" has been fixed (Thanks Matt) so it should have only been the first of you that copped that. Your emailed invoice should have the right number on the TOP RIGHT (it was only the bottom of the invoice text that had the error).

                          Links and navigation ?

                          I agree, we will be changing that soon. For the moment you can click the CoffeeSnobs logo to return to the forum home.


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                            Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                            The new BeanBay is great Andy. Worked flawlessly for me and I got the correct invoice number.
                            Previous suggestions regarding adding the links back to other areas of the site and adding the cost of beans to the bean name (under the pictures) are great ideas.

                            Well done!


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                              Re: August Polls - Feedback Here Please.

                              Easy to understand and use. Worked just fine for me.

                              Thanks for all your efforts Andy.