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  • October Beans

    Here we go again CS home roasters…

    BeanBay will be full of beans at 1pm Sunday 1st October.

    This month we have some previous poll favourites as well as for the first time ever three very interesting (and high grade) green bean offerings from Australia’s famous Mountain Top Coffee.  Some of the bean origins in this months poll will be very limited in volume so as always, first-in best dressed.  

    Mountain Top Coffee - Boomerang Washed, Extra Fancy 18sc
    Mountain Top Coffee - Boomerang Naturals, Extra Fancy 18sc
    Mountain Top Coffee - Bundja Double Pass, Extra Fancy 18sc
    PNG Peaberry 2006 crop
    Bali Gunung Batur
    Mountain Mist
    PNG A Grade Washed
    Kenya AA
    Peru Grace Estate
    Chinese Gunpowder Green Temple Heaven Tea

    13:00 Sunday 1st October.



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    Re: October Beans

    You got the MT stuff?! Finally, an excuse to use the big emoticon ...


    Thanks, Andy!



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      Re: October Beans

      Yeah I agree Luca and it was worth the wait.  Mountain Top Coffee will change the way we all view Australian coffee... these products are so far above every other Aussie bean estate I have tried.

      The MCT in this poll includes:
      Boomerang Washed, Extra Fancy 18sc
      Boomerang Naturals, Extra Fancy 18sc
      Bundja Double Pass, Extra Fancy 18sc

      Tasting notes from MTC for the Bundja can be downloaded below (500kb)


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        Re: October Beans

        Bundja Single Origin Coffee – is sourced from selected small estates, fully processed and quality assured by MTC, meting specialty coffee grades and cup scores of a minimum of 82/100. The 05 crop coffee is primarily processed using a new process called “Double Pass’, developed by MTC; it is where the cherries are left to dry on the tree and picked when they are raisins, this raisin fruit is then washed in a similar way to a traditional washed coffee – the result gives a similar cup quality to a full natural production, with enhanced sweetness, flavour and body, however with a cleaner cup quality and some slight acidity as a result of the washing of the fruit. This coffee works excellently as an espresso, and is equally suitable to a plunger application.


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          Re: October Beans

          Boomerang Australian Coffee – are coffees we source from other growers and MTC does the dry milling, packing and grading; all of the coffee we source must meet MTC standards for both cup and visual quality. This was processed using a full natural process, where the fruit was picked from the tree in raisin form and dried directly with no washing at all. The dried coffee needs to rest for a much longer time than full washed coffees (up to 9-moths) and the result is a full body, sweet and complex coffee, suitable for espresso. This coffee has similar cup qualities to some Sumatran coffees.


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            Re: October Beans

            Looks like the Ozzy Coffee Industry is really starting to take off... very cool...

            Hopefully Ill be able to get my hands on some in beanbay before they sell out....


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              Re: October Beans

              So we wait till sunday before we can vote? Is that is how its done?


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                Re: October Beans

                (***In Dismay***)



                What about those of us that have such a crappy Telstra line that we cant even connect with a modem???
                Hopefully still something kicking around by monday...



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                  Re: October Beans

                  Is there any chance of getting a full list of what will be on offer? Sundays not the best time for me, so Id like to check out the options beforehand so I can get an order in quick!


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                    Re: October Beans

                    1pm Sunday, most Sundays that would be OK.

                    Hope there will be plenty on offer Andy,
                    both RH and myself have prior arrangements at 1pm on this Sunday

                    Am busting to try some good Aussie beans, and to see what the old favourites are.



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                      Re: October Beans

                      Telstra!!!! well say no more ,we have a saying round here when things cant be done "may as well ring telstra"

                      I wasnt complaining about waiting till Sunday, merely wondering when I have to order as I missed last month and I am running out of beans. My visitors have gone nuts on my exergency supplies.


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                        Re: October Beans

                        There is no day in the calendar that would be good for everyone so each month we do try and move it around a little (business hours, after hours, weekends etc) to try and cover all the people that only use the net at work or only use the net at home etc.

                        Local libraries have good internet access if you are stuck on dial-up or maybe you can find a local internet cafe (just dont buy a coffee in the internet cafe! )

                        If you cannot get to a computer on Sunday then you have a couple of days to find a CSr to buy you some beans too.

                        We were asked to give more notice this month, and we are giving 3 days. 1pm Sunday the beans go up, we have no idea how long they will last.

                        If you miss out this month then the next months beans will come around fairly quickly and you will be back roasting in no time.



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                          Re: October Beans

                          Do we have another tea offering this month?  I was away and missed last month


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                            Re: October Beans

                            Excellent news - Im stuffed cause that is right in the middle of my sons birthday party but I will arrange for a fellow CSer to dual order with me if I can - any volunteers from WA?


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                              Re: October Beans

                              Hey Andy,

                              You must have been to the Corretto school of coffee.... but she only had one moth in her roast ;D

                              9 moths - gee that is full bodied for sure!!

                              Originally posted by Andy Freeman link=1159450491/0#4 date=1159454891
                              The dried coffee needs to rest for a much longer time than full washed coffees (up to 9-moths) and the result is a full body, sweet and complex coffee, suitable for espresso.