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BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

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  • BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

    Below are the dates and times that we expect we can get the next next BeanBay beans bagged, tagged and freighted to the pickup points (assuming prompt payment from everyone).

    • Veneziano First Pour - Abbotsford - 10:30am-12pm - Saturday 23rd August 2008

    • Gilkatho - Milton - Business Hours after 29th August 2008

    • "Cruiserman" - Calwell - after after 29th August 2008

    • "StuartGrant" - Launceston - after 29th August 2008
      "ParaM" - Hobart - after 29th August 2008
      "rayzurhed" - Burnie - after 29th August 2008

    • "Coffee Parts" - Pagewood - after 29th August 2008
      "Dennis" - Sylvania - after 29th August 2008

    • Epic - Perth - Friday 2pm-3pm 29th August 2008

    • The Coffee Barun - Sefton Park - after 29th August 2008


    Please understand these dates are a best guess, the courier has the last say!

    Feel free to banter in the below thread and if dates or times need changing in this post let me know.

    You might want to schedule a CS get together around the pickup, its great fun getting together will a pile of CSrs for a coffee and a chat. You will find that you exchange roasting tips and whacky concepts and everyone comes away with some new exciting ideas to try.


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    Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

    Veneziano First Pour pickup people....

    The pickup is scheduled for THIS coming Saturday, 23rd August.

    If you cannot transfer your payment on Wednesday night or Thursday morning then please bring the correct money with you and pay on the day.

    Payments any later than that wont appear in the our bank account till after the pickup and you will then have to purchase freight for your coffee the following week.


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      Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

      What havent you got enough on your plate without the added pressure?


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        Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

        Yeah, that was the "gotcha" Geoff. The way this BeanBay fell the Veneziano pickup shoud have been the following week but Im busy that Saturday.

        I could have pushed the delivery back a week but I m guessing a 2.5 week wait is a little long for CSrs to pace up and down.


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          Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.


          Its a shame nunus cafe is no longer at Thornleigh. Jill and I liked having a coffee there and picking up our green beans before going shopping on a Sat morning.



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            Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

            Hi -- never been to a beanbay pickup before, so am wondering -- is there something like a "payment received" confirmation that were supposed to have/get, or do we just rock up on the day?


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              Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

              We finger print all members and do the retna scan after that...
              ...or you can just rock-up if you know the secret squirrel hand shake.

              See you in the morning Simone.


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                Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

                LOL -- is that the retina scan before or after the 17th short black ;D

                Thanks Andy 8-)


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                  Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

                  Originally posted by Andy Freeman link=1219074890/0#6 date=1219410292
                  the secret squirrel hand shake.
                  That used to be something dodgey when I was at school that the girls used to do to the boys if they werent behaving. :-X


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                    Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - July/August.

                    Coffee destined for Sylvania has arrived!

                    Wow - that was quick...thanks Andy!


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                      Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - July/August.

                      Hi All

                      Beans have landed

                      See you soon



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                        Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

                        Hi,I live in Sydney and am new to pick up.Im assuming I pay for coffee online and pick up at agreed point on agreed day?Is this confirmed online and is their freight involved?How soon before pick up day do I order? Sorry about all the questions,but cant find info on procedure,and was impressed with the last batch that was mailed out
                        Cheers Terry


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                          Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.


                          Beanbay pickup points are organised in conjunction with the monthly sales of Green Beans.
                          The August Beanbay for greens happened last week and only lasts for a day or so (or until green beans are sold out).

                          When you make your order for green or roasted beans, the pickup points are presented with the freight options at checkout, along with the cost.

                          As the August beans have all gone out, the pickup points related to the Beanbay will no longer appear as options and you will only have the standard options available.

                          Hope that helps.



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                            Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

                            Anybody picking up from Epic between 2-3pm on Friday, hope to see you there.....................cheers gm


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                              Re: BeanBay Pickup Thread - August.

                              Beans for Launceston arrived this morning!

                              Come and get them, everyone (and by everyone, I mean Lizzi ).

                              Onya Andy,