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BeanBay GREEN December 2008

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  • BeanBay GREEN December 2008

    Hi CSrs,

    as you know we dont have a BeanBay-GREEN sale in December (due to shipping and broker logistics) but we will have beans available for those that runout.

    We sourced another bag of the Ugandan and the Sumatran from last month and expect that we will also have some more of the Sumartran in the mid January sale.  We will also have some small lots of other beans appear over the month.

    The really BIG news is that we have landed nearly $10,000 of Cup Of Excellence coffees and are selling them in 5 x 300g (1.5kg) lots for $105.  They will be packed in the Detpac lined paper pouches as they are the most "courier proof" packing option we have.

    To save you doing the math... that is $70/kg green and somewhere about $1 per shot roasted.

    You can read the information on the coffees at the CoE site:

    Bolivia Lot 1
    Mario Mamani Mamani, Raymundo Yanarico - Flor de Café San Ignacio

    El Salvador Lot 1
    Raúl Ochoa Hernández - La Montaña

    Nicaragua Lot 2  
    Donaldo Vanegas Cruz - La Union

    Guatemala Lot 2
    Carlos Roberto Sanchez Lazo Y Cdños. - San Jose Ocaña

    Colombia Lot 3
    Diogenes Muchicon Perdomo - San Antonio

    These are available now in green bean section of BeanBay:



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    Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

    ok my order key is shaking.....


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      Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

      Not as much as you will shake roasting em Dan.

      I have seen Cup Of Excellence coffees for sale in the cafe scene for $10 a cup so keeping that in mind its a great chance to get pointy-end coffee for a 10th of the price.

      Still, I do understand $70 a kilo is serious money (and it has been a very nervious wait for the container to arrive)


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        Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

        Yeah, I dont think I have the guts to get any(and roast it), but Im looking to hear from those who do. Its a great opportunity for people to try some top-notch coffees.

        Good stuff Andy!


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          Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

          Pretty sure I NEED this to be under my Christmas tree ... Id better go start dropping some hints


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            Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

            Got any of those CoE jute bags lying around Andy ? Theyre delish.


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              Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

              Ho Ho Ho Michelle.

              "Got any of those CoE jute bags lying around"

              Yes I have and they are full of very expensive beans!

              There are only a few of those bags with a sealed plastic bag inside, the bulk of the beans are in vac-packs (think really big silver brick) in a cardboard box. The Snobbery gets first crack at a couple of the bags (tis my justification to risk all my money and spend a tonne of time) and we might Fair Crack auction one of them next year.... not sure.


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                Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                Apart from the obvious answer, what makes these beans 9x more expensive than the usual Bean Bay offering?
                Is it the rarity that is jacking up the price or is the quality that much better as well?

                Having yet to dip my toe into the home roasting experience, Im not inclined to buy yet but this sounds like the sort of thing one could put aside for a rainy day once I get under way.


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                  Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                  Hi flynn_aus,

                  A few things drive up the price. One is that obviously its top quality coffee thats undergone a lot of scrutiny. Its also auctioned off to the highest bidder, which means that its whatever the market will pay that determines it. I also guess there would be very limited supplies.

                  Although I have a popcorn popper, I wouldnt dare ruin any of these coffees in it. Having said that, I have an excellent pallate, so Im offering my assistance in cupping this wonderful coffee.


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                    Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                    The relationship between quality and price is very rarely linear, so in terms of value, it may be hard to justify such indulgence on a regular basis.

                    Its just like buying a fine bottle of wine or of champagne. You wouldnt have these as your daily fare (well, I certainly couldnt afford to) but you have them to indulge yourself once in a while or for special occasions. I think searching for a purely economic justification for trying these beans is rather pointless; because you are unlikely to find one.


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                      Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                      Good point sirhc8. Buying abottle of Grange Hermitage may not give you 10x the quality of a medium range bottle of red but one would like the experience.

                      I was looking around on the Net for Blue Mountain Walford Estate beans. There is a chain of stores called Jamaica Blue that sell this in Australia but I dont think they do green beans. There are people who have Fleabay stores that offer to send this bean internationally but there is a risk involved (do you get what you pay for) as well as the additional costs of importing to Oz.


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                        Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                        Slightly off-topic...

                        I think you will do better searching for Wallenford (not Walford), Mavis Bank (accepted as the best of the farms) and Captain Cook. As far as I remember they are the only 3 official Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) farms and others are lower on the mountain calling themselves variations on the JBM theme.

                        The Blue Mountain beans are a good example over priced beans. At $100/kg you get beans from a small patch of land in Jamaica that have been well marketed over the years. Its very good, clean coffee and well graded but I doubt that it would come out on top of many blind taste tests. Still, its good to try once just so you know for yourself. We have sold it before and might do it again one day when we have 88 people wanting a kilo each!

                        Cup of Excellence (CoE) is a different kettle of fish. In each region the coffee growers submit 16 odd bags (just under a tonne) of their very best coffee. It is cupped blind by a large group of coffee professionals from all over the world that are among the very best in their field. The winning lots are then auctioned. Being an auction the end price is more often determined by how many bidders REALLY want this lot so it might be overpriced sometimes but the quality is great.

                        The other thing that the CoE competition does is show the small farmers that if they produce an outstanding coffee they will get paid well for it. In some countries that has created a specialty coffee industry where it didnt previously exist. The winners are the farmers and the consumers

                        What you get with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees is a name.

                        What you get with CoE is the very best coffees judged on QUALITY in the cup.

                        Given the choice I will pick quality over marketing every time!


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                          Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                          Originally posted by Andy Freeman link=1228454500/0#11 date=1228530205
                          I think you will do better searching for Wallenford (not Walford)
                          My mistake. I started seaching just for Jamaica Blue Mountain and meant Wallenford, not Walford - was trying to post from memory and this was one estate that seemed to be mentioned most often

                          The Blue Mountain beans are a good example over priced beans.
                          Yes I wondered if that was the case; whether it was one-time top of the heap and now relies on reputation rather than reality. But getting back on-topic...

                          What you get with CoE is the very best coffees judged on QUALITY in the cup. Given the choice I will pick quality over marketing every time
                          Well you sold me. I have 12.5kg of green beans ready for me to get my A into G, put the Corretto together and get roasting. This sort of thing doesnt come up very often so I think I may have to indulge myself in some CoE for Christmas (but dont tell the missus).


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                            Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                            Oh damm, more coffee that I just have to have! Order placed and paid for.


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                              Re: BeanBay GREEN December 2008

                              Goodness... My hands are shaking... my fingers wants to press that Order button...

                              But theres one problem I can see from this, they are all 300g Batches, and thats one batch in the Genecafe roaster, what happens if I stuff up the first roast? there will be no 2nd roast to back it up...

                              But still I want them!!!  

                              Update: OK just ordered them, wont be able to live with myself if I missed out on the cup of excellence, its a rare opportunity. Getting my Hario Syphon shipped from Moonleaf gift shop @ WA next week, so will be a great tool to try it out with the cup of excellence bean. This is going to be an exciting Xmas... ;D ;D ;D