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BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

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  • BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

    CoffeeSnobs Monthly GREEN BeanBay sale

    TUESDAY 13th October 2009

    20:00 ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS
    19:30 SA
    19:00 QLD
    18:30 NT
    17:00 WA

    At the above date and times we will have the following green beans appear in BeanBay

    Ethiopian Kuza. From the south west this Ethiopian Kuza is a very clean washed coffee, high graded and screen 16/17 makes this one very easy to get a great looking roast too. In the cup you will find good body with a bold flavour profile and a very long, lingering finish.

    Honduras Los Bancos. This coffee is high grown, well processed, clean and washed without polishing. It produces a fair amount of chaff during roasting and the cracks are quite pronounced. In the cup it produces a clean, front palate coffee and is a good example of a quality Central American bean.

    Sumatra Panjang Mandheling. Translucent blue/green in colour with a golden layer of chaff this wet hulled Mandheling produces huge body and liquid chocolate type pours ooze from the group handle. Deep, rich and earthy without the funk sometimes associated to some Sumartran coffees. Great as a single origin at CS9-10 roast depth or add a higher acidity bean to make an excellent espresso blend.

    Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu. An great example that all good Costa Rican coffees don’t need to come from Tarrazu! This is a sun dried, semi-washed (miel) honey processed coffee. Mid bodied, very balanced and sweet. Surprisingly for a Central it worked ok at a darker CS10 roast depth which might be due to its density but it produces a brighter coffee at CS8. We were lucky to have this paid for and on the boat before they scored 4th in the 2009 Cup of Excellence which will make it a $50/kg coffee now.

    Brazil Pulped Natural. Sun dried and screened to 17/18 this is the perfect Brazilian base to your favourite traditional blend. It roasts evenly and produces good body and balance in the cup. Great value in a rising market and we bought plenty of it to give CS’rs some consistency in their blends

    * All pricing includes $0.50 FairCrack donation per kilo and cotton bag packaging.

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    Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

    That time of the month again already? :
    Got the e-mail. The BeanBay Alert up there^ will twig in a couple of days.

    Looks like another great selection, Andy. I dont know what NOT to get. And I was going to sit this one out. Oh well...


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      Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

      *charges up the iphone for another round of ninja purchases at dinner*

      I think Ill be good this month and only get the Herbazu. Not sure Ill get away with another 10kg of coffee arriving!


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        Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

        Yay!! Some Honduras!! [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]
        This will substitute nicely for the WeeWee.... ;D

        Love how this bean roasts up beautifully. Might even try some Costa Rican, just for something different.


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          Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

          Ill be sitting poised with my finger ready to snap up a bag or two of the Herbie-Zoo, just on a personal aside...

          Will be about all I can afford this BB, though, damnit!


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            Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

            Geez, and Id only just gotten around to ordering some Waghi from the last lot! AHHH!

            Oh well. Looks like Ill have to get EVEN MORE this time ;D

            Thanks a bunch Andy - boingk


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              Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

              Im newbie here. ;D
              I dont know how could I order/buy some green beans. Anyone who can help me? Thank you very much!!!


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                Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                Originally posted by 5E5E484E554E4E483A0 link=1255316863/6#6 date=1255334465
                Im newbie here.
                Is that an excuse?

                There are plenty of green beans in here now:

                ...and tomorrow night (per the first post in this thread) we will "release" some more into BeanBay. We do that once a month (roughly)... more details on the process:

                Oh... and welcome to CoffeeSnobs!


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                  Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                  Hey Andy the Costa Rica sounds pretty interesting, are you going to limit volumes perperson? Maybe its not an issue and Im just worried about missing out :P but at that price compared to what you have said it now sells for I can imagine people getting carried away or even non-home snobbers buying up big?


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                    Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                    Hey ddrtottr,

                    Check out this thread for Andy (Mr. Boss Man)s FAQ on how the BeanBay works.

                    [Im assuming youre wanting to buy green beans, here.]

                    In brief:
                    - at precisely 8pm tomorrow (Tues 13th), the beans listed at the top of this thread will automatically be added to the beans currently available in the Green BeanBay shop.
                    - the beans are sold in 2.5kg bags, which will be $20-30 each depending on the bean ($8-12/kg) - not including postage.
                    - You can either get the beans delivered to your door by Australia Post or by a courier (quicker but more expensive) or ask for them to be delivered via the nearest Pickup point (bulk delivery - slower but cheap).

                    The actual buying process:
                    - Log in to CoffeeSnobs
                    - Go to the BeanBay section of the site (link top left)
                    - Select green section of BeanBay
                    - Click on a bean you want to buy
                    - Select the amount you want to buy and click "add to basket"
                    - Go back and add other beans if you want
                    - The beans will stay safely in your basket for 30 mins while youre deciding...
                    - When youre finished, click on "purchase" or whatever (cant remember what the button says) to finalise the purchase
                    - Then youll be given payment details - pay straight away and youll assure lightning fast delivery...

                    Hope that helps,


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                      Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                      Originally posted by 41595C5C495873414D421A1B2C0 link=1255316863/8#8 date=1255336643
                      are you going to limit volumes perperson? Maybe its not an issue
                      ...well it wasnt an issue until you mentioned it on a public thread

                      You might like to appeal to everyone to be fair (not greedy) but no, it wont be limited.

                      and the $50/kg was not an accurate figure but more an educated guess at what it will sell for considering the auction winner paid something like AU$20/kg for it at origin, then has to freight it and because its "special" will mark it up a chunk.

                      If it does sell out be comfortable in the fact that there are plenty of great coffees in BeanBay again and Im sure whatever you select will be a winner in your roaster.

                      I have a personal favourite in these 5... and it wasnt the Costa.


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                        Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                        Originally posted by 6D6A6B7F6C6A796C7F706A1E0 link=1255316863/9#9 date=1255337494
                        Hope that helps,
                        Nice reply Stuart!


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                          Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                          Thanks very much Andy and Stuartgrant.
                          I will buy some tomorrow nite. ;D


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                            Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                            Sometimes I think you guys have the patience of Saints

                            Oh, nice batch Mr A...


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                              Re: BeanBay GREEN Sale - 13th Oct 2009

                              A favourite?