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BeanBay - ROASTED order lag till 25th April.

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  • BeanBay - ROASTED order lag till 25th April.

    Hi all,
    as most of you already know, Ive been in the USA for the (SCAA) Specialty Coffee conference in Anaheim.

    My flight was scheduled to leave the US on the 21st, returning to Oz at 5am on the 22nd...  long story short I wasnt on the plane and will be flying out a day later instead.

    My suitcase was left in the care of a company while I flew from LA to Nevada for 2 days, when I returned they couldnt find it.  The 2 hours it took to not find it meant that I missed the 60 minute check-in for the flight home (GRRRR) and I get to spend 24 hours in Los Angeles airport.  (It would be have been far worse if I was heading home to Europe though!) Im hopeful the suitcase turns-up today and Im about to go and hunt it down.

    So the punchline is Im stuck on the wrong side of the planet and sadly cannot get the current orders roasted and shipped today as planned.

    All the orders will be roasted on Sunday and will ship Monday.

    Sorry for the added lag.

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    Re: BeanBay - ROASTED order lag till 25th April.

    Bugger - I was going to jump on the bike and come to town to pick up the order cos youd be shipping on Friday and Mondays a public holiday so we wouldnt get it till Tuesday ... and well run out. Oh well, its off to the supermarket for something that was probably roasted last year and has an expiry date of November 2010. Not a lot of choice in Sale / Maffra. I thought oh no, Volcano, but instead a baggage stuffup. Bad luck. Oh by the way - hope you had a great rest of your trip!

    Neil Sandison


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      Re: BeanBay - ROASTED order lag till 25th April.

      Do They sell coffee in Nevada ?

      Juliet Lima