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Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - MONDAY 23rd July 2012 - 8pm AEST

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  • Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - MONDAY 23rd July 2012 - 8pm AEST

    Monthly Green Bean BeanBay

    MONDAY 23rd July 2012
    20:00 AEST

    8:00pm QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS
    7:30pm SA, NT
    6:00pm WA

    The new beans that will appear in BeanBay at the above times are:

    Yemen Bani Ismail $22.50/kg*
    It's of no surprise to many that one of my favourite coffees on the planet is the ugly little Yemen beans. The Yemen Bani Ismail is full of ripe fruit flavours and packs a punch even in small ratios in a blend. This is a very small bean and will give some grief in perforated drum roasters although shaking out the smallest of the beans before roasting will help avoid too many sticking in the holes. Very dense and takes a lot of heat, take this one dark to get fat fruit and cocoa flavours.

    Ethiopia Sidamo Guji $10/kg*
    It's been a few years since we landed the Ethiopia Sidamo Guji. The previous one we had was dry processed, this one is fully washed and very well graded and resembles a good Yirg. Roasting is far more even and controllable and it works well at the lighter roast depths (CS8+) for plunger and a darker roast (CS9+) softens the acidity. Great coffee and really good value.

    Ethiopia Ghimbi $11.50/kg*
    Ghimbi is back! This dry processed Western Ethiopian has plenty of coffeesnobs fans. Motley colours during a roast don't stop this bean from having some great earthy and spicy attributes with more than a hint of coffee cherry fruits. Great body at a CS9 roast depth and it works well as a unique single origin coffee or you use it to add some interest to a blend.

    * price per kilo packed in 2.5kg CoffeeSnobs cotton bags and includes the FairCrack $0.50/kg donation.

    You can select direct shipping via Australia Post (express or road) and Star Track Express (air or road) along with some other options depending on where you live. or you can collect your paid order from Morgan Street (when I'm there, late afternoons preferred).

    Pickup Points (one per state)
    (only an available option for a couple of days either side of the sale date).

    QLD - "Simon T" - Brissy
    NSW - Erkochurch - Erskinville
    TAS - "ParaM" – Hobart
    SA - Fiefys Specialty Cafe - Adelaide
    WA - "Greeman" - Warwick
    VIC - Veneziano- Abbotsford - 28th July 10:30-11:30 only

    We hope to get beans to all the pickup points by: 28/7/2012

    This delivery date is a best guess as we are often at the whim of couriers around the country. Generally when the beans arrive at the pickup point someone will post in this thread to let you know the time/date that you should meet for the pickup.

    Please don't annoy the pickup points by asking for your beans before they let you know in this thread they are available for collection.


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    Oh, you have outdone yourself Andy. My old friend, Sid Guji, nestled among two other stunning beans.

    So is Bean Bay email notification now on the to-do list since changing the forum software?
    Last edited by flynnaus; 23 July 2012, 09:31 AM.


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      My email came through Flynnaus, roughly at the same time as the forum notification.



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        Well I guess that answers that question. I usually always get them but it must be my turn to miss out


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          I didn't get the email either (double checked junk mail filters etc)....first time I have missed out. Wonder if it might relate to accounts that had their display names changed manually by Andy?


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            I didn't get it either (Bigpond).


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              I got one.
              ...and they were all sent out.

              There is a bigpuddle pattern in this thread already (not all but most) so maybe Telstra junked them?
              I'll have a look but once email leaves here it's up to others to deliver it.

              The heads-up was also tweeted and facebooked and posted here so most people should come across one of the methods.


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                No probs. I'm on the forum enough to see the post anyway and haven't missed one yet.


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                  Yep - I saw the facebook update.


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                    I didn't get mine for once, I normally get it (I use my work email addy so I can see things come through while i'm at work)


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                      I'm still getting "out of office replies" so maybe they are queued through a small funnel somewhere?

                      I'll do some more investigation after the insanity that is "BeanBay week"


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                        I did not receive the email notification, first one I have missed. Email via Internode. Checked the email address in "settings" and it is correct. Hope feedback is useful


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                          It's a conspiracy. Andy secretly wants to keep the Yemen all to himself.

                          I received an email at 2.40pm.


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                            I got an email at 3:50pm.


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                              MMM looks great.

                              Do you want the cloth bags back that the coffee come in back, I have a lot of them and i dont really want to throw them out, but i dont really know what to do with them.
                              If not does anyone have and ideas what to do with them?

                              Looking forward to putting in a order