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Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - SUNDAY 13th Jan 2013 - 8pm AEDT

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  • Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - SUNDAY 13th Jan 2013 - 8pm AEDT

    Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release

    SUNDAY 13th Jan 2013
    20:00 AEDT

    8:00pm ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS
    7:00pm QLD
    7:30pm SA
    6:30pm NT
    5:00pm WA
    (I'm pretty sure thats the correct daylight savings times)

    The new release beans that will appear in BeanBay are:

    Nicaragua Finca Dipilto Maragogipe - $10.50/kg*
    clean green beans the size of peanuts is the first thing you will notice when you open the bag. They roast well and maybe it was psychological but the first thing I could taste was brazil nuts (but that has happened to me before with these). Mid bodied, great velvet mouth feel with a dash of acidity that lifts the shot. Great looking and tasting coffee.

    Sumatra Wahana Estate - $13.50/kg*
    is in the northern area of Sumatra to the West of Lake Toba and in a few short years has become one of the highlights of the island. We have been using this in custom blends for the last 3 seasons and every year it gets better. Works well through a range of roast depths but at CS9-10 is full of earthy spice, blood plum and cocoa. Great coffee.

    Robusta India Magundi - $8.00/kg*
    The India Magundi was pulped natural, sundried and then hand sorted to produce a specialty grade robusta. Like most Robusta coffees this needs a fair amount of heat during the roast and to get the best results you really need to take it into second crack which is typically at least 5 degrees hotter than a similar Arabica bean. Bold and fruity with some sweetness it has a great body and will compliment your Italian style espresso blend nicely.

    * price per kilo packed in 2.5kg CoffeeSnobs cotton bags and includes the FairCrack $0.50/kg donation.

    You can select direct shipping via Australia Post (express or road) and Star Track Express (air or road) along with some other options depending on where you live or you can collect your paid order from Morgan Street (when I'm there, late afternoons preferred).

    Pickup Points (one per state)
    (only an available option for a couple of days either side of the sale date).

    QLD - "Simon T" - Brissy
    NSW - Erkochurch - Erskinville
    TAS - "ParaM" – Hobart
    SA - Fiefys Specialty Cafe - Adelaide
    WA - "Greeman" - Warwick
    VIC - Veneziano- Abbotsford (Sat 19th Jan 10:30-11:30 only)

    We hope to get beans to all the pickup points before: 25/01/2013

    This delivery date is a best guess as we are often at the whim of couriers around the country. Generally when the beans arrive at the pickup point someone will post in this thread to let you know the time/date that you should meet for the pickup.

    Please don't annoy the pickup points by asking for your beans before they let you know in this thread they are available for collection.


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    Can any beans be ordered for a local (Tas) pickup? Or only the 3 listed above. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I could t see anything stating otherwise and I joined after last months release occurred.




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      G'day Dan,

      You will be able to order any beans you like- including Andy's January offer...

      Spend up!


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        Hi TC,

        Thanks for that. The timing should be perfect for a nice topping up of beans.


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          Just got a Behmor for Christmas and have bought 3 lots of green so far but I think I need some Nicaraguan!

          And the missus thought I was joking when I said I we need a bigger pantry in the kitchen!


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            Thanks Andy & ParaM (TAS),

            I look forward to my 10kg's of supplies... Let just hope they last till next month.. lol


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              Simon will post in this thread when they arrive... mid to late next week is my best guess.

              Happy roasting!


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                Thanks for your offerings and congratulations to you and your family with your results in the golden bean competition(i know it was nearly 3 mths ago ).
                Spread my choices this time to include the monsoon malabar and the burundi lot which sounds interesting.
                May try the decaf next time.
                Reminder to everyone to pay asap as i did to help Andy with logistics
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                  Beans have arrived at Erkochurch! (tidy work, Andy + team!)

                  As per usual, please send me a text to let me know when suits you to pick up.

                  First timers, please text me to get directions.


                  roger fitz

                  0413 144 017


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                    SA beans are ready to pick up @Fiefy's during weekdays from 1.30pm-3pm.

                    We are appreciated you are coming during the specific time due to the cafe high traffic during the other times of the day.

                    See you guys soon ;D


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                      Originally posted by Fiefy View Post
                      We are appreciated you are coming during the specific time due to the cafe high traffic during the other times of the day.
                      What if I'm there first thing to buy a cup of coffee on the way to work?


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                        Re: Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - SUNDAY 13th Jan 2013 - 8pm AEDT

                        WA beans have arrived
                        pickup Oz Day Sat 26th
                        between 2-4pm
                        see you on Saturday
                        newbies PM me for address
                        cheers Trevor


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                          Can't seem to send you a PM, Greenman......


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                            Thanks Andy and ParaM for my delivery. Very excited now.


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                              bris beans have arrived... not many orders this time.

                              Just wondering if there is anyone who cant make it to the city to pick them up during business hours?