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Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - SUNDAY 7th APRIL 2013 - 8pm AEDT

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  • Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - SUNDAY 7th APRIL 2013 - 8pm AEDT

    Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release

    SUNDAY 7th April 2013
    20:00 AEST

    8:00pm ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD
    7:30pm SA, NT
    6:00pm WA

    The new release beans that will appear in BeanBay are:

    Bali Gunung Agung $11/kg*
    It's been quite a few years since we have had access to this one and it's a welcome return. Washed but not polished this is a chaff monster in the roaster. High grown in the shadows of the Agung volcano this medium density gives great balance and coffee stands up well as a single origin coffee.

    Sulawesi Tana Toraja $12/kg*
    Firstly a disclosure, as a rule I love Toraja coffees and this is one of the best processed we have ever landed. Wet hulled and a deep blue green colour with great sorting leads to the excitement prior to roasting. In the cup it produces a thick, viscous spicy syrup with low acidity and velvet mouthfeel that makes you start to dose the second shot before you have finished the first.

    Uganda Kisoro AA $10/kg*
    This high grown Ugandan Arabica is washed but not polished and then screened to a large AA size. In the roaster this is easy to roast but expect plenty of chaff. In the cup it has a subtle acidity and heavy body that made a great double espresso and a syrupy ristretto. This worked best for me roasted to a CS10 depth where the cocoa range of flavours dominate. Excellent value coffee.

    * price per kilo packed in 2.5kg CoffeeSnobs zipper cotton bags and includes the FairCrack $0.50/kg donation.

    You can select direct shipping via Australia Post (express or road) and Star Track Express (air or road) along with some other options depending on where you live or you can collect your paid order from Morgan Street (when I'm there, late afternoons preferred).

    Pickup Points (one per state)
    (only an available option for a couple of days either side of the sale date).

    QLD - "Simon T" - Brissy
    NSW - Erkochurch - Erskinville
    TAS - "ParaM" – Hobart
    SA - Fiefys Specialty Cafe - Adelaide
    WA - "Greeman" - Warwick
    VIC -
    Coffee-A-Roma (529 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell) (Sat 20th April 10:30-12:00 only)

    We hope to get beans to all the pickup points before: 20/04/2013

    This delivery date is a best guess as we are often at the whim of couriers around the country. Generally when the beans arrive at the pickup point someone will post in this thread to let you know the time/date that you should meet for the pickup.

    Please don't annoy the pickup points by asking for your beans before they let you know in this thread they are available for collection.


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    The APRIL 2013 Victorian pickup will be at site sponsor Coffee-A-Roma:

    Click image for larger version

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    529 Camberwell Road
    Victoria 3124

    Julie will have the shop open with lots of great toys on the bench.
    I'll be there with Snob Van and all the VIC pickup beans from 10:30am - 12:00

    See you there on the 20th April


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      Woohoo. Bali Gunung Agung. My records show the last time I bought it was January 2007.
      Have you had it since then? Anyhow, I hope to grab some this time around. I've been good and using my stash for the last few months and I think it's time to grab a bit!
      Also looking forward to the pickup being closer to my home (yet further from yours Andy).


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        As yes, it has been a while. I sampled a couple of crops in the time since and they didn't make the grade. This one did with ease so either it was a better growing season or they returned to previous milling techniques.

        Further away? Marginal. Once I cross the Westgate bridge everything is just a series of red lights and angry people, the direction and distance doesn't matter that much.


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          Hi Andy,

          According to the various websites, Daylight Savings finishes at 3 am on Sunday 7th which will become 2 am!!!
          I suspect that will mean differences for WA, Qld, and NT.



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            Awesome. Thanks for noticing Greg.
            I've just edited the initial post to AEST and edited the non DST states:

            SUNDAY 7th April 2013
            20:00 AEST

            8:00pm ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD
            7:30pm SA, NT
            6:00pm WA


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              Not sure if this is the right place, but just got my second shipment with the new bags (first was some time ago) and 3 comments:

              - Zip top much better than the twiddled wire version
              - Bag material much more 'refined' - neither good nor bad
              - Damn stickers don't any more! Ended up having to figure out what was in each bag manually and using texta on the bag.

              Any chance of better stickers?


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                Yeh, I've had a few issues with the stickers too.....luckily I've only lost one sticker at a time, and can thus work out which bag it goes on.


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                  I just write on mine as soon as my beans arrive, no sticker is going to stick to a cotton bag for to long....excited by the sounds of the sulawesi!


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                    Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
                    Yeh, I've had a few issues with the stickers too.....luckily I've only lost one sticker at a time, and can thus work out which bag it goes on.
                    I have also had that issue, it only happened once and i was able to work out which was which. I was daunted at the thought of having to cup green beans to work out what is what, something tells me cupping green beans might not work well :P


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                      Damn stickers don't any more!
                      These stickers were intentionally selected after extensive testing of at least 6 different sticker types. It's as important to me that the stickers stay on the bags as it is that they don't leave any sticky residue after being on there for a while.

                      By not leaving sticky gunk behind we have more of a chance of recycling the bags at a later date and that's far better for the planet as a bonus.

                      Having said that, at any given time I have 1000-2000 CS cotton bags here with stickers on them and we have very few peel. I would be having a look at your storage of the bags as a likely culprit. Sunlight or humidity will curl the stickers pretty quickly so keep them cool, dark, dry and flat and they should be fine. Considering 3 of the 4 posts above are from far more humid areas than here I would suggest looking at that first.

                      8 years ago (for those old enough to remember)
                      ...we used a piece of wire in a loop and then folded the sticker over it. That's no longer practical for us to do without adding a lot of cost (to us, then to you!) but you could easily do that on the zippers of the current bags.

                      Something like these ski ticket wires...
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	newguesttic.jpg
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                      ...but you could use any bendy wire (or maybe bread ties) you have in the shed to convert the bag sticker to a zipper sticker.

                      If you bend it into a T shape you will have a better area to stick the sticker to.


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                        For what it's worth... the labels on the last two zip bags I purchased came off within a couple of weeks... even in cool, dark and dry conditions. No worries at the time though, as both bags contained the same beans but I can certainly see how this could lead to a heap of confusion for those with a number of different greens.


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                          Not worth much...
                          They were a different label 4 months ago.


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                            Agreed. Stickers on the new bags are no good!


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                              I've only had one sticker come off and I just folded it in half and threw it in the bag. Simple solution!

                              Come on guys, the quality of the beans and the excitement of roasting them should surely outweigh the stickers falling off?? I know it does for me :-)