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Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - TUESDAY 14th MAY 2013 - 8pm AEST

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  • Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release - TUESDAY 14th MAY 2013 - 8pm AEST

    Monthly BeanBay GREEN Bean Release

    TUESDAY 14th MAY 2013
    20:00 AEST

    8:00pm ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD
    7:30pm SA, NT
    6:00pm WA

    The new release beans that will appear in CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay at the above time and date are:

    Costa Rica Tres Rios Sundried $9.50/kg*
    Costa Rica Tres Rios Sundried is great Central American coffee. Full washed and sundried the initial processing has left the ripe coffee cherry in contact with the beans for longer resulting in a stone fruit sweetness followed by a bright zing in the cup at high CS8 or low CS9 roast depth. Mid bodied with good mouthfeel and a typical Central style.

    India Elephant Hills PEABERRY $11.00/kg*
    India Elephant Hills Peaberry is a direct trade coffee from the Thalanar Estate and this is the first season that they have graded and sorted the peaberry beans from the rest of the crop. Roasting is similar to most peaberry beans, they are very even in size and density which makes it easier to get great looking roasts. Sweet in the cup, slightly floral off the grinder this produces an excellent, very balanced single origin shot.

    Sumatra Gunung Bandahara $10.50/kg*
    Sumatra Gunung Bandahara is a high grown traditional Mandheling style of coffee. Processed as wet hulled, the deep blue green colour is instantly recognised. This has been hand sorted very well but not size graded so you will get some motley roasts and a slow heat application helps even it out. Heavy body, spice and earthy tones with maybe even some sultana style fruit flavours makes this a stunning base for an oozing espresso shot.

    * price per kilo packed in 2.5kg CoffeeSnobs zipper cotton bags and includes the FairCrack $0.50/kg donation.

    You can select direct shipping via Australia Post (express or road) and Star Track Express (air or road) along with some other options depending on where you live or you can collect your paid order from Morgan Street (when I'm there, late afternoons preferred).

    Pickup Points (one per state)
    (only an available shipping option for a couple of days either side of the sale date).

    QLD - "Simon T" - ### NOT THIS MONTH ###
    NSW - Erkochurch - Erskinville
    TAS - "ParaM" – Hobart
    SA - Fiefys Specialty Cafe - Adelaide
    WA - "Greeman" - Warwick
    VIC - ### NOT THIS MONTH ### - Due to the WBC in Melb.

    We hope to get beans to all the pickup points before: 1/06/2013

    This delivery date is a best guess as we are often at the whim of couriers around the country. Generally when the beans arrive at the pickup point someone will post in this thread to let you know the time/date that you should meet for the pickup.

    Please don't annoy the pickup points by asking for your beans before they let you know in this thread they are available for collection.


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    Super efficient delivery once again Andy. Order received today.
    On a totally unrelated note, there are some fine articles about a couple of Freemans in Cafe Culture issue #31
    Something or other about some roasting competition.


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      WA PICKUP:--
      PERTH Greenbeaners--due to my attendance at MICE/WBC the pickup will be on Saturday June 1st 2-4pm--look forward to seeing you then.


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        Arghhhh..... Looks like I missed this months cut off to have my beans sent to the SA pickup point!! :_(


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          Hi, I'd like some info on the NSW pickup point Erko Church in Erskinville. I'm planning to put in an order soon & would prefer the cheaper shipping option to this pickup point. But I am unsure of the days & hours pickup is available once the goods are received.

          #note the order will be for roasted coffee not green beans, but I posted here as the forum suggests here for questions regarding pickup.



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            Yep, pickup points are closed.

            They are only available for a couple of days either side of the email that gets send out to all members and when this thread gets created.

            Typically open for a couple of days after the BeanBay release... this month was Tuesday, shipping options closed today and were packed for shipping with the exception of WA... as their pickup is June 1st (after the WBC in Melbourne) and it will close later this week.

            Everyone had plenty of time to select the pickup point options, if we leave them available for too long then those that ordered fast have to wait too long.


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              Beans have arrived at erkochurch, Erskineville.

              Let me know via sms when you'd like to grab them. I'll be roasting some this arvo, so if you have time for a brew, drop in!


              0413 144 017


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                Thanks for my order that I placed yesterday morning. I just received it, that's a 24 hour turn around. Absolutely magnificent.



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                  SA beans are ready to pick up @Fiefy's on TUE 28th & WED 29th from 3pm-4pm.

                  We are appreciated you are coming during the specific time due to the cafe high traffic during the other times of the day.

                  See you guys soon


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                    WA beans have arrived.
                    Pickup tomorrow ( Sat) 2-4pm
                    Come and try some SR61 Columbian from Prohd Mary


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                      Originally posted by greenman View Post
                      WA beans have arrived.
                      Pickup tomorrow ( Sat) 2-4pm
                      Come and try some SR61 Columbian from Proud Mary
                      stu--your beans are waiting to be collected
                      PM me to arrange collection