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BeanBay Green Bean Release - July 2013

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  • BeanBay Green Bean Release - July 2013

    JULY 2013
    Released into BeanBay now:

    Vanuatu Tanna Island

    Vanuatu Tanna Island. This is the first time that we have offered coffee from our near neighbour, Vanuatu. Grown in the shadows of the very active volcano on Mount Yasur this island coffee is one of the few exports from the area and great for their local economy. Roasted to a CS10 these produce a balanced, nutty, mid bodied shot. Great coffee.

    Maui Mokka Ka'anapali Estate

    Maui Mokka grown on the Ka'anapali Estate is a very rare varietal of Arabica and this is the only place in the world that it is grown commercially. Originally sourced from Yemen this small, odd proportioned bean looks like no other I've ever seen and is proclaimed to be true to the old growth Yemen Mokka coffee. Uniform in size and very evenly graded (and certified by the Hawaii Dept of Agriculture) in the cup you will get a low acidity, caramel sweet choc bomb with loads of body and slight berry fruit finish. Pricey but worthwhile for such a unique coffee.

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    Maui Mokka.... mmmmmmmmm...........making my mouth water ;-P


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      It's a damn good bean but like I said, pretty pricey.

      The bean is premium priced on the ground in Maui, then to get it here we had to move it across Maui island, small boat to Kona (the big island of Hawaii) then on a ship to California and then a container to Melbourne and a snobvan to Geelong... this is a well traveled bean! Then add customs clearances and DAFF (errr ex-AQIS) inspections along with currency conversions and you can quickly see the dollars add up.

      Upside is it's a stunning and unique specialty coffee!

      I think it's also exciting to see such an old Arabica varietal get rediscovered even though it's small yield, kudos to Kimo for having the guts to find and grow something no one else would have.


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        It looks like a well-graded Yemen. Sounds too good to pass up.

        New avatar, Andy! What's that in your hand (a Golden Bean trophy, I imagine) and is that part of a halo above your head?


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          It's great to hear how much it takes to get beans here. Australia doesn't do much (if any) direct trade with
          most coffee producing countries so it takes people with passion, determination and much patience to organise
          the circuitous paths the beans have to travel.

          With this bean it looks as though it had to go backwards before it could come forwards! ;-D
          Looking forward to my first batch!

          To borrow a phrase from my son in law...... 'a big ups' to Andy :-D


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            hey Andy.

            Just tried to order, but shipping to regular pickup sites isn't an option (any of them).

            Am I doing something wrong?




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              Pickups are no longer an option, there was a thread on it a few weeks back.



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                Originally posted by rogerfitz View Post
                shipping to regular pickup sites isn't an option (any of them).
                I did send an email last month and also posted to the forum...

                Sadly, I had to drop the pick-up points but we continue to ship direct to every corner of the country.


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                  my bad. thanks!


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                    and glad to hear that this'll free you up a bit to hang with the family ... there's no such thing as "quality time" ... it's all simply "time".

                    Thanks again for all your toil on our behalf ~ you've made a stack of people immeasurably satisfied & enthused. Thanks, man.


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                      Same back at ya Roger.

                      The people hosting the pick up points over the years did a great service to their local home roasting community.


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                        Originally posted by flynnaus View Post
                        It looks like a well-graded Yemen. Sounds too good to pass up.

                        New avatar, Andy! What's that in your hand (a Golden Bean trophy, I imagine) and is that part of a halo above your head?
                        Sort of Yemen-esk in the cup. It has the Yemen "double big" style about it but cleaner finish in the cup and the beans that look like lentils, not coffee.

                        Avatar? Yes, I updated it to one that had more gray.. err... "dignified highlights" as the previous picture was 6 or so years ago. Trophy is the Golden Bean and the halo is the CS logo on the wall behind my roaster. ...and while I do have a lot more silvery tips I'm not quite ready for the afterlife halo just yet thanks


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                          Hey, is there any chance of getting the mokka in1kg lots?


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                            Sure we can do that for you.

                            $80/kg in 1 kilo lots (takes way longer to pack, costs more in time and packaging).
                            $32/kg in 2.5kg lots (amazing coffee at supermarket bean prices)

                            Seriously though, I think my rough rule of thumb is anything $40/kg or more will be packed into 1kg lots, anything less than that per kilo is packed into 2.5kg cotton bags.


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                              I'm stoked you've got the Vanuatu bean! My local roaster has had it as a SO for a month or so, and I can't go past it. Ive been told it works best as 80% dark roast blended with 20% a bit lighter. When I get through the 15+kg of green bean bay beans I've currently got.....I'm on board! Be keen to hear from CS'ers how they find it and if/what/how they blend it.