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BeanBay Green Bean Release - August 2013

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  • BeanBay Green Bean Release - August 2013

    AUGUST 2013
    Released into BeanBay now:

    Tanzania Machare Estate

    Tanzania Machare Estate is located between Moshe and Kilimanjaro and is the farm of Bente and Ralph who do all our FairCrack work on the ground in TZ. This is the coffee from their estate, very well processed and graded it's easy to roast and works well through a range of roast depths from bright light fruity roasts through to sweet cocoa espresso shots. This is the most requested coffee this year and I'm proud to offer such a great coffee from such great people!

    Nicaragua Dipilto Typica

    Nicaragua Dipilto Typica. Earlier in the year we landed the super huge Maragogipe from Dipilto, this time we have the more traditional typica. This coffee had the same great mouth feel, some sweetness, some acidity, a touch of fruit and if I had to name the one stand out characteristic it would be balance in this very clean cup. Really good Central American coffee at a great value price.

    Sulawesi Blue

    Amazing deep blue green colour from this wet hulled and hand sorted Sulawesi bean. Easy to roast, requires a fair amount of heat early then a tapering heat curve before dropping at around high CS9. Lots of fruit, light acidity, super body and a little spice in the finish. This is what great wet hulled indos are all about.

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    The Tanzanian Machare Estate arrived on Friday arvo along with literal tonnes of other coffee off Kilimanjaro. This is the first one on offer, others will follow later in the month (or next month) after we sort the pallets out. There are other coffees from most of the villages on TZ so CS'rs will be able to try different coffees from villages in the same region side by side.

    The Nic Typica is one of those Centrals that really ticks the boxes with me... but I am known to have a typica bias given the choice of most varietal I'll blindly pick the typica each time.

    The Sulawesi Blue is a revisit. We just landed more of this one and it's just as good. Great as a single origin but excellent as the body base for a whole host of blending styles.



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      Looking to buy some more beans.

      Andy and others can you please list your top 4 beans which are available right now?

      Thank you.


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        Originally posted by neofelis View Post
        Looking to buy some more beans.

        Andy and others can you please list your top 4 beans which are available right now?

        Thank you.
        Bean choice is very individual... what sort of characteristics are you looking for? How are you making your coffee?


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          IIRC Neofelis, you have a BDB?

          Dunno what you've already tried but of the relatively recent releases still available I like the Cuba Escambray (and surprisingly works in milk) and Rwanda Nyungwe. Of the beans that have been round for a while, the Gambella and the Elephant Hills go well in espresso/latte blends.


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            Not too many people would have had all the beans on offer at any one time.
            It's a bit like the length of a piece of string.

            So much depends on your roasting style, your coffee making procedure and your palate.

            I had some Maui recently, it was awesome ......... I had some PNG, it was awesome too.
            I love the Sulawesi and the Indian Elephant......., come to think of it, a dark roasted and well rested Kisoro rocks.......
            The Tanzanians are coming and as Andy says in his post above about Central American Typica.......
            I still remember the Yeni Navan.

            The best I can recommend is to read the descriptions that Andy has put up and then apply your own circumstance to
            what you find. Have a look through the Cup Tasting and Blending Rooms, also the Home Roasting threads.


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              Yes, I have a bdb and I roast in 2 popcorn machines.
              I've tried Columbian volcan galres and aida battle sgh also got some peaberrys here too.

              I'm looking for a bean which is not too acidic but has fruity notes rather than the cocoa notes as I Find these a bit bland


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                Not too acidic and fruity sounds to me like you should be looking at Ethiopians... for fruitier and floral perhaps the Yirgacheffe or Harrar, for more bass notes look towards Gambella, Sidamo or Ghimbi. If you were looking for a little more acid then I'd be suggesting Central Americans or Kenyans.


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                  Thank you for all your help!

                  Here are the beans I decided upon:

                  ROBUSTA India Magundi Sundried, Tanzania Machare Estate, Nicaragua Dipilto Typica

                  I also have some Indian Elephant Hills Peaberry left and some Aida Battle SGH. If I were to add Robusta into one of these types of beans, which do you think would work best?

                  Any help is appreciated.


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                    Roast the robusta separately, and a bit earlier than you plan on adding it to another bean/blend. Then experiment (in low proportions). Probably go with the Tanzania 85% Robusta 15%. Or Tanzania 60% Nic 25% Robusta 15%

                    EDIT: To clarify my vague post above....roast the Robusta 4-7 days before you roast the bean(s) you are planning to blend it with......or roast on same day but allow a good 12-14 days rest.


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                      Thanks heaps! I'll give this a go


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                        If I buy beans this week is it possible to pick them up from your shop in Geelong on Sunday as we are coming from Melbourne to Te Geelong market.


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                          We don't have a shop, we have a warehouse and as an online business we don't have any opening hours.

                          I can't guess when in that 24 hour period you might call past and while I will be at Morgan St for 6-9 hours on Sunday I have no idea when that will be, it could be morning, afternoon or night (or all three).

                          The only guaranteed method is to select one of the many freight options into Melbourne (if you bought when you asked the question you would have the beans now) or you can try your luck on Sunday.

                          Happy Fathers Day!