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Ethiopia Limmu
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This Ethiopia Limmu (Limu) is a ripper. Super clean and one of the few regional fully washed Ethiopian coffees.
Easy to roast and in the lighter CS8 roast depths it's zingy and lively but take it a little deeper to a CS9 and the body and mouthfeel leap up. If you are roasting for espresso try a single origin blend of both roast styles to create really nice balance in the cup.
Lighter roast depths worked really well on the Brazen (electronic pour-over) but would also suit drip, plunger and most manual brewing methods. If you are roasting for the espresso machine then give it a bit more colour to fatten the body.

Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
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Peru Ceja de Selva Estate - Organic certified at origin by Naturland this high grown coffee comes from an estate at the base of the Andes and is consistently excellent coffee with a huge CoffeeSnobs following. The bean grading has some variation and like all true organic coffee there are a few brokens and minor damage beans which add to the authenticity. In the cup this washed (but not overly polished) coffee produces great body with a long mid-palate profile. Great as a single origin espresso or as a base to a more exotic blend.

India Elephant Hills PEABERRY
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India Elephant Hills Peaberry is a direct trade coffee from the Thalanar Estate and this is the first season that they have graded and sorted the peaberry beans from the rest of the crop. Roasting is similar to most peaberry beans, they are very even in size and density which makes it easier to get great looking roasts. Sweet in the cup, slightly floral off the grinder this produces an excellent, very balanced single origin shot.

India Elephant Hills Monsoon
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India Elephant Hills Monsoon AA grade large screen size monsooned coffee. The coffee is left to dry on racks slowly through the wet and windy monsoon season and this unique process yields a light weight, large size bean. Easy to roast it produces a crema monster in the cup with heavy bodied gelatinous crema and spicy, earthy flavours. Often enjoyed as a low acidity single origin or added to a blend to improve the crema.
This is the first monsooned coffee that Elephant Hills has produced and it's easily the best monsoon coffee we have ever landed.

All the above beans are packed in 2.5kg zippered cotton bags, perfect for storage for up to 3 years when kept in a cool, dark and dry position. We ship paid orders out from the Snobbery Monday to Thursday and BeanBay will show the available shipping options to your area. Larger orders are typically cheaper to freight so we suggest ordering your requirements all at once. We also strongly recommend that you ship to an attended address (eg: work) to avoid delivery delays.