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BeanBay Green Bean Release - March 2015

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  • BeanBay Green Bean Release - March 2015

    BeanBay Green Bean Release - March 2015

    Available now...

    Burundi Tangara

    Burundi Tangara is a clean, washed and well sorted bean. Roasted to high CS9 roast depth it produced fruity (blood plum-esk) mid bodied espresso with a brighter, lingering finish.
    High density and it took a fair amount of heat early in the roast. Great coffee and excellent value for an origin that has trouble getting it's coffee to market.

    Ethiopia Sidamo Mount Bensa

    Ethiopia Sidamo Mount Bensa. Well processed and the highest grade this coffee was packed in grainpro and has landed here in excellent condition.
    The aroma of the coffee cherry is dominiant and carries through to the roasted bean with nectarine and sweet stone fruit flavours coming through in the roast. Worked well through a range of roast depths and brew methods. Another excellent Ethiopian bean and possibly the best Sidamo I've ever had.

    Of course there are plenty of other coffees in BeanBay too, so you are sure to find something you love!

    (with the exception of the 1kg Maui) All BeanBay green beans are packed in 2.5kg zippered cotton bags, perfect for storage for up to 3 years when kept in a cool, dark and dry position. We ship paid orders out from the Snobbery Monday to Thursday and BeanBay will show the available shipping options to your area. Larger orders are typically cheaper to freight so we suggest ordering your requirements all at once. We also strongly recommend that you ship to an attended address (eg: work or grandma's house) to avoid delivery delays.


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    I hardly make requests... But can we get some coffee from Bolivia please Andy?
    Also it would be great to see some rare micro lots from Kenya, Columbia etc.


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      Requests are often ignored as you have to understand that our buying is sometimes months and months in advance.

      Having said that, Bolivia and Colombia are nearing customs, a great Kenya is in BeanBay at the moment and we have tonnes (literally) of stuff zig zagging all over the world at any point in time.
      When it lands and we have packed it you will find it in BeanBay.