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BeanBay Green Bean Release - June 2015

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  • BeanBay Green Bean Release - June 2015

    BeanBay Green Bean Release - June 2015

    Available in BeanBay now:

    Bolivia Caranavi Organic Fairtrade

    Bolivia Caranavi is the first certified at origin Organic and Fairtrade coffee that we have offered for a while. Its become rare to find both certifications on a good coffee and this is certainly a good coffee. Initially sweet with a nearly a brazil nut flavoured finish in the lighter test roast at CS8+ and becoming sweeter in the mid-range roast depths.

    Guatemala Jacaltenango SHB

    Guatemala Jacaltenango SHB (strictly hard bean). Jacaltenango is in the northern end of Guatemala, near the Mexican border and even as a green bean this is full of fruit and sweet aromas. The same ripe coffee fruit sweetness appears in the espresso shot along with some green apple acidity that lifts the aromas. Stunning as a long black but also works well in espresso based drinks.

    Sulawesi Blue

    Sulawesi Blue has an amazing deep blue green colour from this wet hulled and hand sorted Sulawesi bean. Easy to roast, requires a fair amount of heat early then a tapering heat curve before dropping at around high CS9. Lots of fruit, light acidity, super body and a little spice in the finish. This is what great wet hulled indos are all about.

    Of course there are plenty of other great coffees in BeanBay too, so you are sure to find something you love!

    ...the fine print...

    (with the exception of the 1kg Maui) All BeanBay green beans are packed in 2.5kg zippered cotton bags, perfect for storage for up to 3 years when kept in a cool, dark and dry position. We ship paid orders out from the Snobbery Monday to Thursday and BeanBay will show the available shipping options to your area. Larger orders are typically cheaper to freight so we suggest ordering all your requirements at once. We also strongly recommend that you ship to an attended address (eg: work or grandma's house) to avoid delivery delays.