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BeanBay Green Bean Release December / January

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  • BeanBay Green Bean Release December / January

    BeanBay Green Bean Release December / January
    Available in BeanBay now:

    Dominican Republic El Cibao Altura

    Dominican Republic El Cibao Altura A grade is an interesting coffee grown in their favourite growing region.

    Grown at their highest altitudes (Altura) and then screen graded it's a great bean to roast. These weren't hand sorted at origin so there are a few beans that you might want to remove before roasting (easy enough to do). In the espresso shot it has really good body which is unusual for a Central American bean yet retains the crisp finish you would expect. Great value Island coffee at this price.

    Ethiopia Shakisso Estate

    Ethiopia Shakisso Estate / Farm produces an amazing bean that is the essence of uniquely great Ethiopian coffee. Grown wild and foraged in the Shakisso Estate which is actually a natural growing area under a tree canopy not the typical "rows of planted trees" you would normally associate with an estate. This heirloom varietal is part Typica, part Geisha and unique to Shakisso which becomes more obvious when you see the very long, thin bean dimensions.

    This was the secret bean in the 2019 Home Roaster competition and I'm sure everyone found that they could produce flavours from a bright fresh lime citrus through to deep dark cocoa flavours depending on the profile used. Stunning coffee at a fraction of the price of Central American Geishas.

    Winner of Bronze Espresso, Silver Latte and Bronze Filter in the 2019-2020 Golden Bean Competition

    Honduras El Guisayote Organic

    Honduras El Guisayote is a really well processed fully washed Honduran coffee. Certified organic by Bio Latina, the coffee is grown high in the far western area of Honduras close to the Guatemala and El Salvador borders. Easy to roast and in the cup expect a cocoa bomb, with caramel and nutty flavours and a really full mouthfeel. Excellent as an espresso, equally great in milk.
    Beautiful coffee!

    Jack Daniels Barrel Colombian

    Take a well graded Colombian Arabica green coffee and instead of fermenting it in concrete tanks place the green bean into Jack Daniels Barrels to age them.

    Jack Daniels uses white oak to make the barrels and then chars the inside of them over a fire pit. By storing the green bean in previously used JD barrels the dry woody oak characteristics along with spices, vanilla and of course bourbon whiskey flavours move across into the beans while still retaining their coffee flavours.

    The resulting coffee is like no other. The colour of the green beans (due to whiskey and charred oak) is a lot darker than normal so don't roast by colour, roast by temperature/time.

    They are easy to roast though and I found the oak and bourbon flavours strongest if you drop them before second crack. Lots of fun playing with this one!

    Jamaica Blue Mountain

    Jamaican Blue Mountain.
    This is one of the most expensive coffees in the world (if you ignore the ones that come out of a critter) and often what you purchase as "Blue Mountain" is either not genuine or it's a tiny percentage of the blend. This is the real deal air freighted direct from Jamaica.

    Is it worth it? I have always thought the JBM is overpriced but if you have never tried genuine Blue Mountain coffee then for about $3 a cup you now can.
    Due to the high purchase cost this has been packed in 1kg bags (not 2.5kg cotton) so you won't need a second mortgage to try it. Roast carefully!

    ...the required fine print...
    With the exception of the more expensive 1kg lots and the bulky 2kg Monsoon coffees, all BeanBay green beans are packed in 2.5kg zippered cotton bags, perfect for storage for up to 3 years when kept in a cool, dark and dry position.

    We ship all paid orders out from the Snobbery Monday to Thursday and BeanBay will show the available shipping options and actual freight costs to your area. Larger orders are typically cheaper to freight per kilogram so we suggest ordering all your requirements at once and we also strongly recommend that you ship to an attended address (eg: work or grandma's house) to avoid delivery delays.

    Monday to Thursday we will ship everything same day that we receive payment for but please remember bank lag means it can a day or two for your payment to get to us even though your bank took it from you instantly. Osko payments are near instant and free, PayPal payments are near instant and you pay their fees. Typically, if you want it faster don't procrastinate, just order earlier, way less stress and never have a reason to ask us "are we there yet?"



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    Nice batch of beans there Andy...
    Something there for pretty well any palate.



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      Even more so now Mal, we just added the Jack Daniels Barrel Colombian.

      I didn't think it would land before Christmas but it did!


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        Sounds like a real pearler mate and very Christmassy...
        Bit above my price range unfortunately but I bet it will be a beauty.



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          Dear Andy,

          Do you ever offer Robusta roasted?

          I'm not ready to get into the roasting. Yet.



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            Hey Andy... any chance of some Chilli Chai again? Is it just out of stock or discontinued?


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              Originally posted by LauriG View Post
              Do you ever offer Robusta roasted?
              We do have it off-line, remind me next time you order.

              any chance of some Chilli Chai again? Is it just out of stock or discontinued?
              Yeah, that was good but sadly not available anymore. You could buy the instant chai and get creative?


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                As everyone knows, we don't ship on a Friday (mostly because it's pretty pointless and it ends-up sitting "somewhere" for the weekend) but the way Christmas falls mid week we shipped everything out that was ordered today.

                Don't know when most of it will land, but at least it's moving.

                We are roasting Sunday, shipping Monday and that's it for the year.

                Everything that isn't paid for on Monday will ship on the 2nd Jan when hopefully, freight companies have got through the Christmas pile and are back to some sort of normal.


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                  Hi Andy

                  Just a little OT, but hopefully not too much...

                  Any thoughts on whether we're likely to see any Yemen Mocha Ismaili again? I often wonder how (if) they manage to produce any at all - having to look out for bombs dropping on your head must be a bit distracting

                  That Shakisso Estate sounds pretty special, though...


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                    The Shakisso is lovely, good to roast and stunning results through a range of roast depths.

                    Ismaili - we have been working on potential shipping routes, the previous one is not an option this time. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't but we are working on it and when I can touch them they would appear in BeanBay.


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                      Originally posted by Andy View Post
                      The Shakisso is lovely, good to roast and stunning results through a range of roast depths.

                      Ismaili - we have been working on potential shipping routes, the previous one is not an option this time. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't but we are working on it and when I can touch them they would appear in BeanBay.
                      Great, thanks for that. The Shakisso will be on my next order - looking forward to it.

                      I have half a kilo of the Ismaili left which I sealed in vacuum pack "just in case" when you sold out of the last lot. Just so long as the producers haven't been blown to bits, I'm happy to wait.

                      Of course, I would be happier if Australia wasn't happily selling everybody weapons to use against Yemen, but I guess that's just one of the many things that Australia is doing to make a reputation for itself (sigh)... 


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                        THANK YOU for the sample Robusta. I did not mean to make you busy as a blue arsed fly.

                        Are you planning to put it on the bean bay roast-to-order list some time, or is this a pain-in-the... something you rather not push?



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                          If you are trying to Contact Us then you should use the Contact Us link which is on every page, that's always the best way.

                          No, I certainly won't tell you who I've sold it to, just I won't tell anyone if you buy some.

                          not the real deal. How do I know?
                          You need to trust them and at least see the barrel it came in (not that that's a guarantee that you got those beans but at least you'll know they bought some real stuff at least once).

                          Now I’m worried that I’ve wasted $75
                          It might be real. How much coffee did you get for $75?

                          Do you know reputable retailers in Australia?
                          (I can vouch for myself)


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                            I received a [Contact Us] message and replied much the same.


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                              Is the Sulawesi Blue coming back, which has been my go-to for a number of years?