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BeanBay Green Bean Release September / October

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  • BeanBay Green Bean Release September / October

    BeanBay Green Bean Release September / October

    Landed and available in BeanBay now:

    China Dai Muang Lem AA

    China Dai Muang Lem AA hails from the southern Yunnan province renowned for growing excellent tea and is now one of the premium coffee growing areas of China. We just landed their premium sized AA It's a clean and very well processed coffee and is really easy to roast. In the cup you'll find great balance and good body. Exceptional value at $10/kg.

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep

    We have just landed more of the special prep, double sort Yirgacheffe. A long time CS favourite, fully washed and hand sorted. You'll find it's a small sized bean but always produces an amazing aroma off the grinder with lots of florals in the cup. Great at a CS8 light roast but still interesting at a CS9 where the body improves and you get more cocoa tones in the cup. An exciting and interesting coffee in espresso based drinks or using other brew methods like filter, plunger and syphon.

    India Elephant Hills AA Grade​​​​​​​

    Indian Elephant Hills hails from the Thalanar region well known for growing coffee, citrus and cardamom.
    We have always supported this farm because they are great people and produce the best coffee in India year after year. We always land all the AA grade they can produce and once it's gone we have to wait for it to grow again. Excellent processing and screened to AA grade this is an easy coffee to roast and works well as a single origin or as a base for a traditional Italian style blend. Super sweet yet quite bold in milk based drinks. Wonderful all rounder and a perfect coffee to learn how to home roast.

    ROBUSTA Java Jumbo gr1

    ROBUSTA Java Jumbo grade 1 washed. These are big beans, like peanuts when roasted. Highest Indonesian grade available and will be appreciated by Robusta fans. In the roaster you'll find that a longer and darker roast will suit them better. Typically much longer and hotter than you would roast and Arabica bean. Try them as a single origin but you are most likely to use them in a blend to give it a kick or remind you of a traditional Italian coffee.

    ...the required fine print...
    With the exception of the more expensive 1kg lots and the bulky 2kg Monsoon coffee, all BeanBay green beans are packed in 2.5kg zippered cotton bags, perfect for storage for up to 3 years when kept in a cool, dark and dry position. We ship all paid orders out from the Snobbery and BeanBay will calculate the available shipping options and actual freight costs to your area. Larger orders are typically cheaper to freight per kilogram so we suggest ordering all your requirements at once for the cheapest per kilo postage. We also strongly recommend that you ship to an attended address (eg: work, grandma's house, the pub) to avoid delivery delays and hassle. We ship everything same day that we have received actual payment for. Please remember bank lag means it can a day or two for your payment to get to us even though your bank took it from you instantly. Osko payments are near instant and fee-free, PayPal payments are near instant and you pay their actual fees.

    Typically, if you want it faster don't procrastinate, just order earlier for less stress and never have a reason to ask us "are we there yet?"

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    Also see: BeanBay Green Bean sales It covers most of the likely questions.

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    Just snuck into BeanBay is an unusual offering...

    Yemen Samples

    Earlier this month Qima Coffee held an International auction for 20 lots of Yemen coffee.

    CoffeeSnobs bid on 4 of the lots but the prices got silly pretty fast and at 2am we decided that the lots were not worth the money being paid and pulled-out.

    In AU dollars the lots ranged from $71/kg to $628/kg and to be frank, this years Yemen crop that we have purchased is every bit as good as any of these at half the price of the cheapest lot.

    We bought 20 extra samples which cost a total of $500 to land here and are offering them at the average cost price of $25 for each sample (approx 100g)

    It's a random lucky dip of the 20 samples. Once gone, they are gone.


    Auctions are always stressful and a little weird. Qima does a good job of promoting this auction and while this auctions started slow, there was a flurry of bidding in the middle and then the last hour was painfully slow. The whole auction extended 3 minutes after each bid was placed so at the end you had a couple of lots getting single $0.50 increments which added an hour odd which was okay for those in daylight time zones, but it was 2am in Australia.

    Qima started with 100 coffees and an "International Judging Panel" whittled that down to the 20 highest scoring lots. The biggest problem with this method is I assume most of the judges would have very little exposure to Yemen and were scoring the coffees according to "traditional coffees". I could see a pattern in the style of coffees that they scored the highest while missing the real gems in there. That was a potential bonus for us as the 5 best lots out of the 20 were not the highest scoring so I was excited to get our bids in.

    Lots 6, 7, 9, 10 and 17 were easily the best lots and yet one of the cheapest lots in the auction was lot 9 because it was 875kg and the total bill $66,000.

    The Auction was run by "ACE" - Alliance for coffee excellence who have a good system for international auctions but a bit annoying that it's done in US$ per pound even though the coffee was sold in London packed in 5kg lots. Seems to me they could have easily regionalised the webpage to convert to metric and local currency but maybe bids would be as high? I made my own excel spreadsheet so I could convert into AUD and KG and show me the live totals while I was bidding.

    Results are up
    ...remember these are in USD and pounds and is before freight, customs inspections and clearances which adds plenty of dollars in Australia.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to try a 100g green sample they are in BeanBay now.

    Oh, and before someone ask "are we there yet" don't stress, we have some amazing 2020 Yemen with our name on it that I hope lands before Christmas.


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      Andy would like one of these samples but cannot send you a PM


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Correct, I don't PM. (only so many contact methods one human can read before shoving it off to a help desk in India!)

        Samples are in BeanBay and [contact us] top and bottom of every page works fine if there isn't enough info above.

      • flynnaus
        flynnaus commented
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        Psst. Try here

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      Andy Don't worry Found the Sample on your order page (could not see at first) and have placed an order


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        Andy Thanks for sorting out my mess


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          Interesting. I was caught up in the hype when it was announced that a new varietal of coffee named Yemenia was discovered by genetic analysis. Now that I have had some time to reflect, these farmers have been growing the same coffee year in year out and I think it would be fair to say that some of the Yemen coffee we have consumed in the past would have contain Yemenia. Through the magic of well managed marketing, these farmers are suddenly producing coffee that is worth much more than what it use to.

          I hope that the farmers are proportionately receiving the benefits of the price spike in their products.

          in the meantime, I am looking forward to the day when Yemen Coffee gets listed in Beanbay again.


          • Andy
            Andy commented
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            Correct, all of the Yemen coffee that we have ever sold and are landing is Yemenia. It's great for Yemen that Qima did the research but some of us have always known how amazing and unique Yemen coffee is and it's why it's always been my "if you could only take one" coffee. The only difference is now its on paper.

            Lots more research needs to be done, I can personally identify at least three different varietals and that doesn't count the regional variations that happen too.

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          Andy will you sell some of the Yemeni crop roasted? I am not confident of my roasting so didn’t grab one here.


          • Andy
            Andy commented
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            Yes, when in stock we offer roasted Yemen in BeanBay (the sold out item is there as a place holder)

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          Can't wait to get some 2020 Yemen when it comes in.


          • lancruiser
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            Very gracious, Andy. I promise I will not share. ​​​​​

          • Barry O'Speedwagon
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            Cruiser. I don't want to drag this off topic, but this has been bugging me. Are you IanCruiser with an initial capital " I " and you're a chap called Ian who likes hanging a few laps of the main street, or is that a lower case L? And you like Toyota 4WDs?

          • lancruiser
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            Barry O'Speedwagon, neither. I needed a user name for a forum similar to this one many years ago and it was just a play on the Toyota 4wd with lan (computer network) instead of land. I have never owned a Toyota.
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