Need to make some room on that bench? Got a cupboard or shed thats in need of a sorting? Perhaps you have a voucher that you dont plan on using. Heres where you can post up such items to send them off to a new home and help a fellow CoffeeSnob rather than sending them off to the bin.

This area is like the For Sale section, except here there is no charge for the item or service. All we ask of the recipients is that, if possible, they come up with their own Pay it Forward item or service to offer to their fellow Snobs.

When you have an available item start a new thread with a brief description of the item in the subject line and then include any pertinent details in the body of the post. When the item has found a new home add a post to the thread saying so along with who was the lucky receiver of the item. A Mod will then mark the thread as closed and lock it.

This is not a competition to out do each other. Its just a place to help one another.

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